Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Amelia, The Amazing Cervelo One

After my bike crash, my Bike Gurus fixed up Amelia for me. A bit of history...she was named Amelia because she "flew" and she also accomplished feats previously considered impossible (the real Amelia Earhart flew solo across the Amelia carried me, in the first race I rode with her, to a bike time that was only 3 mintues off of the female leader's time...unREAL)...

So anyway, when I crashed, my aerobar elbow rests (flippers?) were damaged (translation=torn off) and there were some minor problems like chewed up handlebar tape and loose screws causing brakes to not work etc... They fixed her all up and put her back together according to my fit specs and I was good to go. They've since helped me install my new computer and it's GREAT. Now I can focus on my cadence and I get immediate feedback on my speed and distance. VERY cool.

Flatman requested some photos of the newly restored Amelia so here they are as promised. I could've taken more and illustrated for you all of the fancy components and stuff but first I need to go take a bike maintenance class and learn what they're all called. Does that make me a poser? I'm just not a bike gear head...that's why I have (and pay) the Bike Gurus.

Since Amelia has an aerodynamic, funny shaped frame/tube/thingy (a little help?), the mount for my tire pump doesn't I have it crammed in there along the side of my right aero bar. Seems to stay's not pretty but it works..

Oh, and by the way...sadly, you can't get the Cervelo One any more...I swear mine was one of the last ones made as it took about 5 months for them to actually complete the backorder...turns out it was too good a bike for the price point it was offered at two years ago... I'm told that the Cervelo Dual is the equivalent frame with higher end components...and another $500 added on for good measure. Sorry ya'll, I got the last one!!


Blogger Flatman said...


Nice computer...I bet someone very smart recommended that to you...

1:37 PM GMT-5

Blogger jessie_tri_mn said...

Hi! Just found your blog..

That's a sweet bike you have there. I have no idea what the components are called either. But, you're right, that's what we have the experts for!

7:24 PM GMT-5

Blogger Chris said...

What a great ride! I wanted a Cervelo One for my first tri bike, but they were discontinued the year before I was looking. Very nice!

6:32 AM GMT-5


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