Thursday, August 18, 2005

Drain Update

My house has coronary artery disease. Turns out there is/was no clog, it's just a very old one-inch pipe with lots of crud built up inside it. Combine that with a 6.5 gallon/minute shower head and we had standing water. ICK.

So our Knight-in-Shining-Armor-Electrical-Plumbing-Heating Wizard came by, dumped some industrial strength sulfuric acid down the drain and installed a low volume shower head (2 gallons/minute) and we're back in business. THANK THE GODDESS. I was beginning to lose hope.

Now we just need to get rid of the sulphur smell... Ahhhh, the joys of homeownership...

Next post: Invasive Plants I Have Known... ;)


Blogger Flatman said...

Our first house was a "fixer-upper". The first time my wife showed it to me, I said "Hell no". We bought it anyway and proceeded to dump money and time into it to make it beautiful. It was a damn good investment, though. We sold it 4.5 years later and made a mighty fine profit. We built our new house (2.5 years old now). It is basically our dream house. It may not be as big as we might have someday, but it is perfect for us and my wife is an interior decorator, so it looks like a model house (no thanks to me)! She is amazing!

8:18 AM GMT-5

Blogger Chris said...

Hurray for no more standing tub water! :)

2:05 PM GMT-5

Blogger Jaja said...

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2:10 PM GMT-5

Blogger Devon Ellington said...

This is what I have to look forward to when I buy my house, huh? :)

It'll all be worth it (let's see if I still feel that way in a year).


2:12 PM GMT-5

Blogger MAG Manufacturing said...

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