Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Shameless Plug

OK, many of you have heard me go on and on about how great my masters swim coach is. Well, she's not just a coach...she works with former olympic breaststroker Glenn Mills to build this great website called Go Swim and they make instructional DVDs and run swim camps and do all kinds of great stuff, all in an effort to help people swim better.

Well, in watching Shelley struggle with her ankle injury, I suggested she check out Water Running for the Serious Athlete. Coach chose this title in case you were worried that you'd be doing some kind of chubby-club water aerobics class - this isn't ANYTHING like that. In fact, it's HARD! I've managed to do a little bit of it but I want to do more and it's especially good for those of us who live in climates where it's either too hot or too cold to run outside year round. She's developed several strides that work different muscle groups and keep you from getting bored. It's a MUST SEE for those of you who want to run better and longer without the pounding effects of pavement. And if you're injured, it's by far the best way to keep yourself from losing that valuable training base.

So that's my shameless plug of the day. I visit Go Swim every day and have gotten a lot out of it. The DVDs are top rate and there's a lot of good stuff for triathletes as well as swimmers.

So get out there and Go Swim!!

ps. Coach posts all of our CCB Masters Practices here if you're interested in great hour long training swims. We usually end up swimming between 2300 and 3000 yards.


Blogger Flatman said...

Chubby-Club...hee hee, I think I belong to that one!

10:58 AM GMT-5

Blogger nancytoby said...

Where do I sign up for chubby-club water aerobics class? Do I need blue hair?

9:40 PM GMT-5

Blogger Spence said...

GUYS!!! Chubby Club Water Aerobics is NOT for triathletes!! Otherwise I'd be signed up too!! Seriously though, at our pool, water aerobics is like the Sacred Cow - it's SO HARD to steal pool time away from these people! I tried one of the classes that was actually called "Water Running" and I tried SO HARD to get my heartrate up and get SOME kind of workout from the hour in the pool - I think I might've gotten to 65% HR ONE time...otherwise it was a big waste of time. Not at all for the "Serious" athlete! And I'm rarely serious... ;)

7:22 AM GMT-5

Blogger Shelley said...

I have been doing this pool running and I can say it is challenging!!! Thanks for all your help with this!!

7:55 AM GMT-5

Blogger tri-mama said...

Chubby club aerobics offers a value overlooked at times, at our Y there is always a lap lane available, now at CC time, the 30 or so 250-300 pound women create quite a wave like effect in the pool as they bounce simultaneously, it makes a normal lap workout quite challenging :)

11:10 AM GMT-5

Blogger Spence said...

BAHHHHH HA HA HA HA!! That is totally hilarious!! Unfortunately the pool is closed during CC water aerobics or I'd try out the lap lane in the Lake Michigan-Like waves!! Good ocean swimming practice!!

12:06 PM GMT-5

Blogger Flatman said...

Too funny, Tri-Mama.

Open water swim practice indoors!

1:52 PM GMT-5

Blogger Spence said...

UPDATE!: I was mis-informed! Coach B is not affilliated in any way with Total Immersion. I think she mentioned it once and somehow I glommed onto it. Just so you know...

7:39 AM GMT-5


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