Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sometimes you just feel like a fish...

Had a kick-a$$ swim practice yesterday morning that left me flying high all day. I'm not sure what it was that made it so great but I just felt FAST. There were about 10 of us I think, and most of the Fishies are away and haven't been showing up so I got to lead the Fishy lane!! Maybe the lane just has fast karma but on my first 100 yds, I swam a 1:30 without really trying and my PR for 100 yards, going all out-puke at the end-fast is 1:28. Sweet. I didn't hold my times for the 6x100 but I didn't do much slower than a 1:40 either so that's pretty good for me. I've started to feel a little bit of that inner weasel but it's a good weasel...I'm gently challenging others in my lane to keep up with me (translation=push me a little harder) and also pushing myself to keep up with them. And I haven't willingly conceded the lead to anyone in several weeks. NO COMPLACENCY!!

Looking forward to the move being done...time to get on with everything else.

Oh, and that's Kaitlin Sandeno swimming freestyle...


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