Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Tri-Geek State of Mind

Went out for a run last evening. My plan called for 3 miles, I felt good enough for 6 so I settled on 4. I spent 5 minutes looking for my iPod and once I found it, realized that I'd already taken my headphones to the new house with a bunch of other running I was destined to run with no tunes. OK, no worries...I've done it plenty of times, it just means I have to think harder about how much running isn't my sport.

The first 10 minutes were fine - the usual warm up, slow plod, enjoy the scenery but then it started to not feel as good. I was glad I'd settled on 4 miles because 6 wouldn't have happened.

But then the strangest thing started to happen...

I thought to myself, "Damn it's HOT. 88 degrees and 70% humidity...CRAP this sucks."
A voice poked at me, "But it's not as hot as Arizona where The Commodore has to can handle this, it's only 88. You might have to RACE in this weather next's good practice."

Hm. Curious. That came from out of nowhere...

Me: "Damn, my feet are swelling and they feel like they're in Chinese Foot binding running shoes...ouch this hurts..."
The Voice: "But everything else feels fine, at least you're not running a half marathon with what feels like a stress fracture in your lower leg after swimming 1.2 miles and biking 56 miles like Kona Shelley. It's just a few more miles, you can handle it. One foot in front of the other."

Me: "Okay, okay, one foot in front of the other...if this is what I get to listen to when my iPod is MIA, I'm going to chain it to my body somehow..."
The Voice: "Well Wil didn't complain and she had to run a whole half marathon without her music! Not to mention those pesky drawbridges and unmanned water stations. Go ahead, you can stop...but she didn't. No siree...not Iron Wil..."

Me: "AAAAARRRGGGGHH!!! OKAY already, I'm still running. See, I haven't stopped. Damn Flatman for sticking to his training plan and inspiring me to decide that I really want to stick to mine too."
The Voice: "Don't be cursin' my man Flat...he's working hard. You should take a page outta his book..."

Me: "Alright, alright. Are we home yet? I have sweat pouring into my eyes and these Under Armour sweat bands are complete junk."
The Voice: "Quit'cher bitchin', you're almost there. At least you're on terra firma. When The Kahuna sweats into his sunglasses, he's on a bike going mach 12 down the highway with traffic and squirrel hazards and..."

Me: "Okay, I've got it, I'm still running. Look, there's my driveway...ran the whole way, didn't I? And it didn't hurt as much with all that discussion. I suppose that's a good thing, right?"
The Voice: "Yup. I think if Martha trained for triathlon, she'd agree...It's a good thing."

Me: "So, am I done with you? Or are you going to torture me continually?"
The Voice: "What do you mean?? You SIGNED UP for this when you joined the Tri-Geek Alliance. This is what you were LOOKING for. Don't invite me to the party and make me stay on the doorstep knocking all night. I'm here for the long haul 'cause that's what you wanted. Until you can do it yourself, I'm gonna make the trip with you - right here on your shoulder."

Me: "I guess you're right. I got us into this didn't I? Do I at least get to complain about having to feed the dog now after this hot hot run?"
The Voice:"Nope. Don't even get me started on that one...Tri-Mama has 4 kids and The Kahuna has 4 kids and taking care of the dog doesn't even come close to...."

And on and on and on...

So, it's happened. The voices and experiences of Tri-Geeks everywhere have worked their way into my little noggin. I will embrace them for they are building within me an arsenal of weapons to fight fatigue, apathy, pain, sweat, hunger, thirst, adversity, doubt and any number of other negatives I'm sure I will encounter on this journey.

So just two things:

1.) Thanks to you all.
2.) Bring it on.


Blogger Shelley said...

That's what I always say..."Bring it on"!!! Good girl!!

3:56 PM GMT-5

Blogger Flatman said...

What an awesome post. I need to remember this on my next long run...


10:24 AM GMT-5


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