Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Fish in Me

It must be some great coincidence that my last name is Fisher and that lots of folks along the way have called me (and my Dad and my brother) "Fish." In college it was not for swimming but rather for my talents of imbibing a bit more than several members of the football team were capable of...a feat I'm no longer very proud of! Whatever, it was fun at the time but is not something I ever aspire to again.

No, I've welcomed the fish-nomer back into my world, this time as a swimmer. I've been sick for a bit and got back into the pool yesterday. I expected to have lost my lead of the lane, which I had, but it was fine. Mostly it was fine because I was trailing the tweener-fishies...I wasn't leading but I was swimming with a few people who can hang with the fishies if they have to. This is good. I'm moving up in the world (ok, the pool)...and my times were actually pretty fast. Usually I can hold a sub 1:40 for 100 yards...we did 4 sets of 3x100 with some recovery in between and that would usually leave me dogging it on the last few with something around a 1:45...but yesterday I must've been well rested because I was averaging 1:35 and by the end was still holding sub 1:40. Nothing like being sick to give you an extended taper effect, eh? Pretty cool. I LOVE swimming.

So you might've noticed on my sidebar that it's Back To Basics time...but only for running and biking, not for swimming. I'm going to step up the swimming because I want to be really great at it. I'm going to add a core program and make my turns faster with stronger abs and I'm going to go from 2 days/week to three. And I'm GOING to get into the fishy lane.

So "Fish" it is. I'm glad the name is back... ;)


Blogger Flatman said...

Go Fish! (not the card game...)

5:28 PM GMT-5

Blogger Wil said...

LOL!! Flatman you big dork! You TOTALLY stole what I was going to say!!!

3:44 PM GMT-5


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