Tuesday, October 11, 2005


OK OK, I'm VERY sorry I've been gone so long. You see, LIFE has been getting in the way of my blog and I had to cut out some extraneous tasks and I figured that eating and sleeping took precedent.

I've decided that the second half of October will be spent getting back on track. Just to give you a glimpse of my life over the past two months...I've:

1.) bought a new house
2.) moved into said new house and begun renovations
3.) unexpectedly had to drive from Vermont to Boston to Baltimore and back for a family emergency and left a week's worth of work to catch up on - and an ongoing family challenge to help manage from afar
4.) been offered a new job
5.) resigned from my old job but still had to catch up on all the missed work
6.) got sick, had to cancel my half marathon (which was the cosmos looking out for me, yet again)
7.) caught up on all the missed work while juggling all the new work
8.) started new job yesterday and it's GREAT.
9.) finally caught my breath, took a nap and my cold is mostly gone - back in the pool this morning...

JOY! I've spent a lot of energy feeling very lame about not working out and getting down on myself about it...but Weasel Boy pointed out the other day that there's a lot going on in my life right now. So I'm learning to cut myself some slack...that doing that is different than being complacent or having the "I don't wanna" blues, that when I'm ready to resume my training, I'll know it and I'll be fired up.

And now that I'm at my new job, I feel so much less stress about life in general and I've got an itch. It's like a whole new slate to work on...I've got blank walls in my cube and a pile of magazines to go thru all choc full of photos of swimmers, bikers, runners, skiers – ATHLETES – and I want to be one of them again. It's ok that my winter clothes are a little tight because I've got this itch to get back to it...and when I go over to the gym to renew my winter pass, I'll welcome the tired muscles and sweaty gym bag. It's all good - I got thru all the crazy life stuff and can see out the other side. There is still a lot to juggle and I know the stress will return...but for now it's great to start anew.

More posting will ensue now that the resting has ended!!... stay tuned.


Blogger nancytoby said...

I think those all sound like reasonably valid excuses for being offline for a bit! :-) Glad you're back!! Hope the new job works out well for you!

11:23 AM GMT-5

Blogger Flatman said...

I feel like this a real turning point for you. That itch is you wanting to get back into training...and it is a good thing! Trials and tribulations aside, you have a good life, now get out there and enjoy it (sweaty gym bag and all)!

8:46 AM GMT-5


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