Thursday, October 27, 2005

OK, OK...I Surrender

I don't want to complain and sound like I'm whining. I know this blog is for my personal reflection but the truth is that other people do read it and I don't want to bum you all out. But I have to give up for a bit...

You see, IT is just not in me right now. I don't want to. Swimming is good - I'm still going to do the swim meet in December. But it's just going to have to be ok that I don't feel like doing anything else. It's dark. It's cold. I hasn't stopped raining/snowing/spitting for two whole weeks and I feel like a mushroom. Yes, I'm taking my meds. Maybe it will help that we'll all gain an hour this weekend. Whatever. I won't bore you, I just might have to write about other things for a bit.

Anyone else a fan of the Indigo Girls?
No matter what new music I come across, I always seem to return to Amy and Emily - year after year...I just don't really get tired of them. I just noticed they have a new album out called "Rarities" looks like it's not much new but a compilation of live covers as well as some songs they wrote for various movies.

I'm psyched because it has "I don't wanna talk about it" from the movie soundtrack of Philadelphia...very excellent song. I'd recommend picking up a copy as soon as you can! RUN!! NOW!!! I'm going to get one after work...

Ahhhh, da girls. So great. I think they'll be able to snap me out of this funk. Meanwhile, I think I'm going to see when open ice hockey is happening.

OH, does anyone know how to make the workouts in my sidebar have different spacing? I want to be able to have more space between weeks and less space between days. anyone? anyone? Bueller?

ps. If you haven't seen "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" with Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller, I'd highly recommend it. It's totally asinine, 80's, adolescent hilarity and it got awful reviews but I laughed thru the whole thing. Jason Batemen's character as an ESPN 8 "THE OCHO" commentator is just about the funniest role I've ever seen him in. You gotta wait until after the credits roll at the end too - there's a classic but disgusting extra that makes even Weasel Boy cringe. Happy laughing!!


Blogger Flatman said...

I love that movie...but I didn't wait for the after credit scene. Bummer. Lance Armstrong is great too...Too funny!

The fact that we find this kind of movie funny probably makes us quite immature, don't you think?


1:20 PM GMT-5

Blogger Spence said...

No way man - we're just in touch with our inner children. You must rent it and watch the credits at the end. I bet the DVD has all kinds of fun outtakes on it too... the Lance scene is my second favorite...

I won't judge you if you don't judge me... ;)

3:10 PM GMT-5

Blogger tri-mama said...

Brace yourself--daylight savings time ends tomorrow!!!! (Psycho soundtrack in background) I think the whole northern third of the states represented in the tri geek alliance have felt the "funk" Hang in there, Dec 22, the first day of spring, aka the day we turn back towards the sun, will be here before you know it!

7:55 AM GMT-5

Blogger Shelley said...

We all go though this, i'm looking forward to the break in training and getting really hungry for it at the end of Dec.
Last night on SNL Lance and Sheryl were on, they did a spoof on the indigo girls, thought it was pretty lame...oh well!!

8:15 AM GMT-5


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