Friday, October 14, 2005

Something to Look Forward To

I'm FIRED up. Coach mentioned yesterday that the New England Masters Short Course Championship Meet is happening the first weekend in December, that she's going, and that anyone else that wants to go should get signed up. I threw it out there at the end of practice that we should get a group together and some relays and a few individual some mildly interested expressions but no one jumped on it. By the end of the day I think I had at least two people convinced that we should go and I'm not stopping until I have a 4 person relay team. But even if no one else is interested, I'll go with Coach and stay at my Mom's...I really need something to look forward to and this is just the thing...I was dreading having to wait until next spring for some kind of race - ANY kind of race. Perhaps there will be something else in the wintertime to train for - maybe a nordic ski marathon or something...and I'm planning on becoming a full fledged ice hockey player too so watch for news on that front. Got to mix it up a little, you know?

Also, along the thread of accountability, I've started posting workouts in the sidebar. Definitely check out the Masters Practice links to see how we're training to make our first competitive appearance to date. And GO SWIM!!


Blogger Flatman said...

Great! That will be cool and fun!

Glad you are posting your we can watch you more closely... :)

10:01 AM GMT-5

Blogger nancytoby said...

Sounds great to me! Yeah, I definitely need races on the near horizon to keep serious in my training too.

10:31 AM GMT-5


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