Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Third Run's a Charm...

It's always the third run after getting started again when I finally feel like a runner. Last week I had to slog through two sessions of complete misery - only half hour sessions mind you - but misery none the less. When you feel like you have cement blocks on your feet but you can't get your heartrate over 70% because all of the swimming you've done has you perfectly aerobically conditioned. But you just can't go any faster on land. Last night my feet felt much lighter and 40 minutes passed by much faster than the previous two runs of 30 minutes. Yup, it just takes a few runs to get back into it.

Still on my mission to recruit some more Masters Swimming competitors for the meet in December. We practiced diving off the starting blocks today (don't laugh, all you ex-competitive swimmers!) I think I've got Weasel Boy convinced that it'll be fun but I'm still signing up no matter who else wants to. Milkshake Girl would go but needs a donation of about $60 to make it happen (starving graduate student)...anyone want to donate? Still working on the two Ironmen - both are racing at IMFL 2005 and aren't convinced they'll want to compete. My sense is they'll be raring to go after facing down the Florida course and finding themselves with nothing on the horizon... we'll see.

And one last thing - Power Shopping and Endurance Basement cleaning ARE in fact very taxing workouts!! Later...


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