Thursday, October 20, 2005

When Darkness Falls

So I don't usually spook easily. I've spent lots of time in the woods and lots of time in the dark - I used to lead nightwalks and have told kids over and over that the woods of VT are so much safer than the streets of Any City USA after dark. There's just not much to worry about and, aside from taking the usual precautions, it's quiet and safe.

But my runs lately have been mostly as dusk turns to downright DARK and during the transition, things have a way of transforming from everyday-ordinary to "what was that??!!" terrifying. Last night as I plodded along, I saw a big, burly, scary man walking toward me who ended up being a mailbox with two posts; several giant bears that were old cars covered with pine needles; I heard all kinds of spooky noises off in the woods that were probably deer or skunks but evoked images of vicious lurking animals. You get the idea. I guess if nothing else it made me run faster. Anyone have any good headlamp suggestions? Although I'm not so sure that the headlamp shadows wouldn't freak me out even more...


Blogger Shelley said...

yup, I get that all the time when I run in the dark....and it's dark here again..sigh

2:09 PM GMT-5

Blogger Wylee said...

Just surfed into your blog from somewhere and so glad I did, it's fun! As for running in the dark I do it all the time... I'm more frightened of people laughing at me than bears chasing me. So I run in the dark. But, when the fog rolls in off the river and a couple stray mallards fly up right out of nowhere I do admit to startling a bit and wonder what I'm doing on the set of a B horror movie.

10:42 AM GMT-5


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