Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Saturday's Swim

OK, so we met at 8AM at the pool which took some negotiation. Despite the fact that Weasel Boy was the one suggesting/mandating this "extra" practice, it took considerable banter to get him to give up his Saturday morning "lie in."

Coach suggested we do some speedwork but stressed that the best thing to do is short intervals (50s) with less and less rest in between so we're taxing our aerobic capabilities. We started with the ususal EZ 400 yd warmup with fins and the rest looked like this (in a 25 yard pool):

2x50 on :15 second rest interval
2x50 on :10 second rest interval

100 EZ with fins

Freestyle, on a :30 base time (we ended up getting about 5-10 seconds rest):
25 EZ, 25 FAST
50 EZ, 50 FAST
75 EZ, 25 FAST

Then without any rest we went right into the same thing for Breastroke only we were on a :35 or :40 second sendoff (again, 5-10 seconds rest):
25 EZ, 25 FAST
50 EZ, 50 FAST
75 EZ, 25 FAST

100 EZ with fins

Repeat the 2x50s on same RI (:15 and :10)
Repeat Freestyle and Breastroke sets

2x50 on a :55 second send off (5-7 seconds rest)
2x50 on a :50 second send off (we bailed on this and held :55...we were both dying...)

1x100 IM for time. All I'll say is that we both were under 2:00 so that's something. All you competitive swimmers out there, have sympathy for those of us who have only been introduced to the butterfly in the past few years!!

EZ warmdown followed by bagel breakfast sandwiches. Probably not the best thing for us but next weekend we'll abstain...or I will anyway.

Total Yardage: ~2200 yards
Time in the pool: 1:15

We had to jockey for space to work around the Chubby Club Aerobics class - nothing like simulated open water swimming - HOLY WAVES, Batman!! It was great, I'm glad we went and I felt sharper this morning. We worked a bit on my catch and pull - I tend to pull too far to the side rather than underneath myself...it helped to think about pulling on a rope in order to move forward. And I renewed my full gym pass so it's off to the weight room for a bit this week. That's the plan anyway. OH, and there's one more swimmer interested in coming to the meet - just one more and we'll try and do either a Freestyle relay or Medley Relay event...anyone in New England going and want to swim with us?? Later...

ps. That's Carly Piper swimming amazing freestyle. I love having a picture in my head of someone doing it right...


Blogger Steven said...

I also pull too far off to the side when swimming. Thanks for the comment about pulling a rope, I'll try that mentally imagery next time in the H2O.

4:05 PM GMT-5

Blogger Bolder said...

did you use the 100 EZ with fins to warmup, or to work on form, or both?

i'm quite the swim newb, i bought a pair of zoomers, and just joined a masters class

inquiring minds want to know!

9:48 AM GMT-5

Blogger Spence said...

I usually use fins to do my whole warmup-400 EZ. I find it gives my shoulders a chance to loosen up and work thru the kinks before I ask them to do most of the work. Coach almost always throws some kind of EZ recovery in between sets so that's mostly what the 100s with fins were for. It's a good way to recover your heartrate without standing around...active recovery I guess. Masters will hopefully help you a lot - check out the Masters practices in my sidebar if you want! Swimming rocks!! Have fun...

12:23 PM GMT-5

Blogger Batman said...

Awesome workout; I'll be working up to that volume by spring; concetrating on form right now. What do you think of Total Immersion?

8:53 AM GMT-5

Blogger Spence said...

Hmmm...Total Immersion. I'm all for the principles but I've been told there are better programs out there. My coach has developed a website that does instructional videos to help you swim faster and smarter...similar drills and skills but totally different approach and philosophy. I'm not an expert on the differences but I do know that my coach no longer ascribes to the TI program (read between the lines...) Check out http://www.goswim.tv

I also post links to my Masters practices in the sidebar. Go Swim!!

4:14 PM GMT-5

Blogger Spence said...

oops - i don't know enough html to make that link work...but if you type it into your browser you'll get there!!

4:19 PM GMT-5

Blogger Batman said...

Cool site, lots of info. Thanks,

8:53 AM GMT-5


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