Thursday, December 29, 2005

Life kicking my ass this week. TOO. MUCH. HAPPENING. Have not been under this kind of pressure at work in a long time... I did manage to get in a 5 mile run on Sunday and 2.5mi yesterday morning...but this Wednesday's post would read more like The Good, The Worse and The Worst. And I missed both of my swims which always makes me sad. So rather than dwell, let's just get thru it - eventually I'll get spit out the other end and things will improve. Licking my wounds and looking forward to January...

Knowing you all are out there makes my world seem a little bigger (or little less small...) So thanks!


Blogger Flatman said...

Keep your head up!

9:43 AM GMT-5

Blogger tri-mama said...

Hang in there, I hear teeth marks fade within a week :)

6:35 PM GMT-5

Blogger Keryn said...

You'll get through happens to all of us. :)

9:57 PM GMT-5

Blogger Wil said...

Hang in there woman - consider it good training for those upcoming century rides...

9:24 PM GMT-5

Blogger Bolder said...

dude, this has just been a tough period to train through...

i blame it on Weasel Boy.


otherwise CMS will set in.

5:53 PM GMT-5

Blogger Cliff said...

Too much happening sucks.. I know how you feel.

I haven't gone to the pool for two days and i feel naked without my chlorine bath.

9:43 AM GMT-5

Blogger Nick said...

Just about to disappear from the bottom of the page so I thought I would bob to the top and say hello.

Hang in there, mate, it can only get better. Besides, I figure you have about another couple of weeks ot be nice to yourself before this becomes a crisis. Steady as she goes until all the other crap blows over.

Is that enough cliches for you?

UK Weasel Boy

9:53 AM GMT-5

Blogger TriSaraTops said...

Hope things have calmed down a bit for ya!!! Hang in there!

3:36 PM GMT-5


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