Thursday, December 01, 2005

The New Sidebar Video Craze

OK, ya'll. I've tried updating Safari. I've loaded the latest version of Firefox. I'm about to update my OS. But I still can't load your sites if you've got fancy new code that plays music and video in your sidebar. So far I've missed recent blogs by Shelley and Flatman...Bolder's site seems to load since the re-vamp but I can't explain why. Is this a Mac issue that I'm doomed to have to endure? Or something that this particular computer is having issues with? I'm on a fast DSL connection so I can't imagine that I'm just being impatient waiting for it to load. And I feel confident that the video is the issue because Flatman deleted his for a bit so I could test it out and sure enough, as soon as the video was gone, the site loaded just fine. Anyone have any thoughts about what I can try next? Wil? Trimama? you guys are on Macs, right? Am I the lone ranger on this one or have others experienced similar issues? HELP!!!


Blogger Flatman said...

Dump the Mac! ;)

2:01 PM GMT-5

Blogger Spence said...

OH, you do NOT even want to go there with me!!!

2:13 PM GMT-5

Blogger Cliff said...

:)..i am with flat...

I think the problem is that the video uses windows media player...i am not sure if mac recognize this or has a supports it. Oh...i am going into tech support mode.

12:12 PM GMT-5

Blogger Bolder said...

i don't see what the problem is?

you can read my blog fine, but not Shelley's of Flatman's... problem?

well, you are missing out on Shelley's, but Flatman's?... dude's from Texas.

4:48 PM GMT-5


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