Monday, December 05, 2005

Swim Meet Final Results

Since we left early yesterday we didn't see the final standings...John had predicted a hopeful Top 15 finish and he was right!! We ended up 14th out of 39 teams!!! So exciting for us! It was a first ever meet for two of us and a first masters meet for 3 of us...and of course it helps that our coach won first place in all of her events, gained us a ton of points and actually broke her own national masters record in the 100 Breast stroke by 6/100ths ofa second. Way to go Coach!!

Our men (Nick/WB and John) took 17th overall out of 31 Men's teams...and we (Coach, Karen and I) also took 17th overall out of 30 women's teams. Pretty good showing for a bunch of rookies! We're all scheming about how to convince at least another 4 members to come to the next meet in February. It's closer to home and only one day long so we're hopeful. Going for a top 10 finish!!

Everyone is sending me their pictures so hopefully I'll have a few more to post over the next few days. Thanks for all the good words of encouragement and congrats!


Blogger Cliff said...

U swim like a shark.....that video was amazing :) good job.

3:30 PM GMT-5


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