Sunday, December 04, 2005

Swim Meet Post #2

l to r, Johh, Coach Barbara, Karen, Weasel Boy (Nick) and me with my Through the Wall "SWIMBIKERUN" baseball T - which I got a ton of compliments on Wil!)

Yesterday when we left the point totals put us in 23rd place out of 49 teams. The more folks you bring to compete, the more points you get for each event swum so we're doing pretty well for only having 5 of us! Today has moved along faster than yesterday. I think there are fewer people here so that makes a difference. We started off at Driscoll's Restaurant where the motto is "Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times" and we had mostly all of that. The food was the least exciting...

Then it was to the pool in a snowy morning mess. Supposed to get 2"-4" today and tonight so the ride home will be interesting. We jumped in to warm up as soon as we got here because the first event was the 100 Freestyle and Weasel Boy, Karen, John and I all swam that. I took 2nd place in my heat and held my time from yesterday's 400 Freestyle relay (1:30.34) so I'm happy. I flipped on the first turn and then bagged the second two flips. Folks in the balcony reckon that had I flipped I might've been first but the #1 girl was pretty far ahead of me so I'm not so sure. I didn't feel quite as strong as yesterday...there's something pretty gruelling about the two day encouraged us to drink a lot of water yesterday and I'm so glad I listened to her.

Then it was quickly on to the 100 Breast for me and Coach. I did fine - I was 6th in my heat...the way heats work (if you don't care, skip to the next paragraph!) is that they take the entire list of seed times and start with the fastest person. Then they just group you by 8 (because there's 8 lanes) right down the list (there were like 62 entrants in this event). So it's a little bit luck of the draw where you end up in your might be the fastest of your 8 and then you get one of the middle three lanes - or the slowest and you end up in lane 1 or 8 on the edges. I was the fastest of my 8 for the 100IM and the second fastest for the 50 Free - then I was in lane 6 for the 100 Free so I must've been 4th or 5th of my 8 ...then for the 100 Breast I was in lane 7 so I think I was the 6th slowest out of 8. SO..that's how that works...I was happy with both my 100 Free and 100 Breast times as they were consistent with my seed times and with my times yesterday. It's all good...

Now that we've swum the above events, we're in 15the place out of 49!!!

Right now we're waiting for (OOPS - no more waiting...i'll be back in a few)...


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