Sunday, December 04, 2005

Swim Meet Post #3 - Freestyle Relay

OK, had to run off and warm up for our 200 Freestyle relay. This one is SUPER fun because you just haul a$$ for 50 meters and then cheer for your teammates...I lead off (Coach put me first because she said I have good reaction time off the blocks - but I also think it's because I'm the pokiest of the 4 of us!! Leave it to her to help me feel important...)

So I was hoping to hold my time for my 50 freestyle yesterday - 0:39 seconds - but I came in at about :41. There is an element of triathon prep in this - you definitely have to plan ahead for the second day and not bonk.

We finished second in our heat - John pulled out a whopping 0:29 to anchor us on the last leg. It was INcredible how fast he was. He caught up to the woman next to him by almost an entire length...she was at the flags at the other end when he started and he beat her back to the wall. amazing. We beat the only team in our heat in our age group so hopefully that will be good for our points standing.

Everyone's done now - Coach, Karen, and Weasel Boy just finished the 50 breast - Weasel boy finally caught a break in the seeding and ended up in lane 4 with the fastest seed time...then he won the heat!!! I'm telling you, even though it doesn't mean you WON, it's still SO FUN to see your lane number with a #1 next to it!

John just reported we're holding steady at 19th place...

We're gonna hit the road since it's snowy and will take us forever to get home. Thanks for tuning in...i'll do a wrap up with more pics tomorrow and see if i can figure out how to post the "video" of my 50 free swim.

SO, first swim meet: CHECK!

Later ya'll!


Blogger BuckeyeRunner said...

Nice job, Spence!

4:28 PM GMT-5

Blogger Bolder said...

elizabeth (Run with Me) just posted this weekend on how to host personal videos... it would be great to see you in action.

i'm just totally impressed that you entered a swim meet! well done!!

9:28 PM GMT-5


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