Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Two more days to the middle of the tunnel...

This is how I've been feeling at work lately...I have a deadline of Friday the 30th to finish our 06-07 Product catalog and send it off to the printer and I'm only just getting the files I need from all over Europe to put it together. This holiday will be short and sweet, that's for sure! Sheesh... It's like I'm stuck in the mud and everyone around me is moving 9 million miles an hour...leaving me behind in my catalog hell. I'm in slow mo... The Christmas shopping hasn't really even commenced yet.... tonight...

Oh well. The good news is that I really do like my job and the challenges it presents. And I feel pretty motivated to train right now too - had a great run on Sunday and a great IM swim practice today...I really do love all four swim strokes now that I can do them all. I'm having a love-hate relationship with the backstroke but it's coming along. Today we used hand paddles for a set and I could really feel what was right and wrong about my backstroke catch and pull. I even had a few strokes of butterfly brilliance. It'll come - I can feel it. It's so cool when it's right... if you've ever rowed in a crew shell with 7 or 3 other rowers, you know what I'm talking about...when the set is perfect and the stroke rate is perfect...it's like floating on air. I love that...

My mom gave me an early xmas gift of Going Long and I've been studying the swimming section...the stuff with stretch cords looks really good for strength and technique - I asked Coach about it this morning and she suggested buying some surgical tubing because you can get it cheaper than the fancy stretch cords with handles. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Ever done any stretch cord work?

Morning run in the cold, wind and snow forecasted for tomorrow morning...should be great. I'm totally looking forward to it and won't make the same rookie error and leave without the neck warmer.

Two more days until the 22nd when it starts to get lighter again...train hard!!


Blogger Flatman said...

Good luck finishing the catalog...and kick ass on your run tomorrow morning!

10:45 AM GMT-5

Blogger Wil said...

Oh yeah - neck warmer indeed. I still forget that thing! Love this pic, chicky :)

10:54 AM GMT-5

Blogger 3rs said...

Stretch Cords - vs - Surgial Tubing.

I would recommend purchasing the Stretch Cords. They are not extremely expensive, about $40.

The Surgical Tubing has to be tied and untied where as the Stretch Cords have the belt. The cost for the same length isnt much different.

12:16 PM GMT-5

Blogger nancytoby said...

Can't help you with the training ideas, but the photo is fabulous! LOL!

1:30 PM GMT-5

Blogger Bolder said...

hmmm... can we trade Moms? i keep getting socks.

4:59 PM GMT-5


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