Friday, February 24, 2006

Spin Class, Take 2

Spin Class #2 today. Intervals again.

Tell me this: when you do interval training, aren't you supposed to go from aerobic to anaerobic and then back down to aerobic, rinse and repeat? Well, the instructor today (who was supposed to be my favorite instructor Ann-with-the-great-music but was actually Brian with not so great music - i'll get to that in a second...) had us doing intervals - I think we did 4 of them approx. 3-4 mins. long where we'd go up to 92% of our Max HR and stay there and then recover to 85% HR. But isn't the threshold from aerobic to anaerobic at 85%? So weren't we staying anaerobic the whole time? Is this productive when you're doing interval training? It seems to me that it'd be more productive to recover to 75% and then go back up to 92%... I need some edu-kate-in'...tell me what you know??? Do you get the same interval training effect if you're not recovering to your aerobic heartrate levels?

All that aside, since this was my second spin in as many weeks, I used about 87% and 75% as my interval range and that seemed to be fine. I'm still amazed at how strong my aerobic capacity has become from the pool and how not strong my cycling legs are. But that's the point of the spin and I will perservere... I tried to do my 5-10 min. run afterward but all the treadmills were being used and I could tell that there was going to be a blood bath of scratching and clawing to claim the next free one...and it was snowing outside so a quick jaunt out the door wasn't such a good idea...I tried the basket ball court but it's vacation week so there were a hundred little kids shooting I trotted up and down the handicap ramp from the 2nd to the 3rd floor a dozen times and called it done. Now I'm relaxing in an endorphin induced haze and feeling fine. Spinning is good.

Oh, the music...Before I incite another backlash and the U2 marathon going on over at Bolder's Blog becomes a U2 Ultra marathon, I have to say that I like U2, I really do... But not to spin to...I like them when I'm driving or as background music...but spinning, not so much. And I also really like Elton John. I might be happy spinning to the Crocodile Rock or I'm Still Standin'...but Candle in the Wind or Benny and the Jets, not so much. I will say about Brian the Spinning Instructor...he seems to have grown a personality since the last time I attended his class and it was a good workout with good motivating comments goin' on...but the music just didn't help me thru it today. I have to learn to not expect Ann and then I'll be happily surprised when she's there instead of totally disappointed to the point of bailing on the class when she's not. Expectation is a dangerous'll wrap itself around your ankle and dump you on your head if you're not careful...

Long run on tap for tomorrow...6 miles I think. Looking forward to some Get Your Geek on Episode 6 and some upbeat tunes. Time to revamp the running playlist.

Have a great weekend and, as always, train hard.


Blogger Scott said...

I'd love to know the contents of your new playlist. You'd think with over a 1000 sounds on my IPod, I could find something inspiring...

8:54 PM GMT-5

Blogger Keryn said...

I have only had one spin instructor, but she keeps us going pretty hard. I make it a point to relax just a bit between hard songs so I get some rest.

8:55 PM GMT-5

Blogger Cliff said...


It depends on what u want to do.

If you are just doing spinning for fitness and good health, then forget what i am going to say. I am going ot talk about training specifically for tri.

When your body goes from aerobic to anaerobic and your HR drops back to aerobic zone, your body will not go back to aerobic mode. This is why for long distance training, it is important to stay in the aerobic threshold.

Which means, once u are over, you are over. Your body will not go back to burning fat as efficient as in aerobic zone.

I say it depends b/c if u are doing a short tri (sprint tri etc.) where you can sustain staying in anaerobic throughout the course...well u can use spin class as a way to build your anaerobic threshold. Be warned..u should build your aerobic base first before u start buiding the anaerobic.

Think of it like a triangle. The aerobic base is the bottom and the anaerobic is the top. The wider aerobic base u build, the higher you can build your anaerobic base.

I am still new at this and this is reading from Joe Friel's Triathlete Bible and Going Long.

That's what I did last year. My bike leg was an hour long and my spin class was an hour long. I did it just coincidence. And it really helped me push on my bike leg.

I hope i didn't confuse you :)

11:01 PM GMT-5

Blogger E-Speed said...

bad music while spinning is killer. hopefully you will get some good tunes next time!

9:20 PM GMT-5

Blogger jameson said...

cliff has some really good points.

i personally feel spinning classes are very affective, for me atleast. the rides in xterra, and the whole xterra race for that matter, you are red lining you heart rate. this is also the the same pace a lot of spin instructors seem to teach their class. i really dont understand this method.

most of the people in these classes, triathletes and cyclists aside, are trying to lose fat. they could give a flying $@#! about increasing their AT. I always work at my own pace in these classes. i do the intervals but i try to stay below my AT unless i am really looking for an intense work out.

just my thoughts. have good week!

12:47 AM GMT-5

Blogger Scott said...

Thanks Spence - great list! I can't believe somebody else has December 1963 on their list! It is one of the first 45s that I ever owned (now I'm dating myself here .. a lot of people probably don't know or remember what 45s were).

7:19 PM GMT-5

Blogger The Running Red Sox Fan said...

I wish I could help you out, but I stay away from spinning! I am afraid.....verrry afraid of the spinning class!
Someday I'll be brave enough to try it....someday!!!

9:49 PM GMT-5

Blogger Bolder said...

dude -- elton john! how can someone responsibly have you try and spin to elton john!!

personally, i think spin instructors, and health clubs in general JUST DO NOT GET IT.

the workouts they run, are for like 2% of people's goals. my pet peeve is the intervals where they do 4 secs in the saddle, 4 secs out, and repeat live forevah! what is that?

same could be said for U2 though... gotta pick the right songs... today is ELEVATION which i believe is spin worthy!

by the by, your blog header and new look is AWESOME... makes me wanna get out there are train.

take care, bold!

12:35 PM GMT-5


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