Monday, February 13, 2006

Sputter, sputter, put, put...

Haven't posted in TOO LONG and now I can't get started again because there's just so much to tell... Here are the highlights and then hopefully I can fill in the blanks...

1.) Back on East Coast time - woke up today at 5:30 and felt rested. THANK the goddess (and many naps...)

2.) Mini Swim meet was a success and quite fun. 5 of us swam and more are fired up for Short Course Yard Championships at the end of March at Harvard. Coach is going to get us physically and mentally ready over the next 6 weeks. Had a couple PRs - see sidebar for results. No team points this time but we're shooting for a top ten finish at Harvard. Milkshake Girl kicked butt...hoping to have upwards of 7 swimmers, including one new teammate who is nationally ranked in the backstroke in her age group of 76+!! Bring on the points baby!!!

3.) Work was crazy for one more week last week and now it should be smooth sailing until next fall.

4.) Went to Montreal for the first time on Friday to set up one last show booth...VERY cool city. I got to try out my french and was surprised at how well I understood people. Looking forward to a return but also looking forward to going to FRANCE sometime too. French is a very cool language.

5.) Got a flat tire on my trainer. Go figure. The curse of the Flatman has invaded my basement. Must've pinched the tube. Will try again tonight.

6.) Started a half hour of "dryland" before swimming twice a week. Shoulders and abs... will start doing an extra swim and dryland session on Sundays starting next weekend.

7.) This week will welcome a spin class or two back into the schedule. Can't wait to see my favorite spin instructor on Friday...

8.) Getting back on the morning running routine's light now at 6am!! What a TREAT!!

9.) We didn't even get an inch of snow over the weekend when NYC, Boston and points south got upwards of 2 feet!!! NOT FAIR!!! Either snow or bring on spring!!! Soon I will start my bulb countdown with photos of my croci and daffodils as they start to poke their little heads out...

10.) Saw The Persuasions and Rockapella on Saturday night. HOLY COW batman. Rockapella just left me wide eyed and star struck. I have a total crush on Scott Leonard. I know. Really bad. But he is so incredibly talented I just can't stand it. Do yourselves a favor and check these guys out. Jeff Thatcher's Mouth Drumming is INsane. Wow.

OK so that's the run down. I have photos and video of the swim meet - coming up...

I'm BACK baby!!


Blogger Bolder said...

ah, montreal, how i miss you.

good job on da swim meet.

hopefully, life will return to normal for you!

3:46 PM GMT-5

Blogger TriSaraTops said...

SMOKIN' PR's!!!!!!!! Great job!! :)

7:52 PM GMT-5


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