Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Good Day, Sunshine!!

The smile on the woofie's face means today is a good day! It's beautiful and sunny - still was 15˚F when I went out to start the cars...but the sun is out and that's all that matters right now. Spring is on the way!!! Supposed to be in the 50s by the end of the week. BRING. IT. ON.

In celebration of spring and also to convey to you all in warmer climates HOW LONG it takes for spring to get here and HOW SHORT it actually is once it arrives (most people up here just call it mud season or maple sugaring season...a brief 2 weeks when dirt roads become impassable mud bogs so you stay home and boil sap all day), I've decided to track the weekly progress of my 60 daffodils and 30 croci as they poke their little heads out. They got confused about a month ago when things warmed up to 40 for a few days and they started to emerge but we plunged right back down to -10˚F and growing ceased, thankfully. But here they are this morning.

I'd like to think it might finally be safe for them to start things up again but I've lived up here long enough to know we're not out of the woods yet. Tune in next Wednesday and hope for the will be a roller coaster so be prepared...a few years ago we got 18" in April. By the time summer rolls around, you will have grown to care about and love these flowers like I do... hope springs eternal...

AND, since I have not had an apple tree in my yard since I was a kid, I'll show you how IT progresses too. Can't wait for it to be in FULL bloom. Amazing sight... We'll save the ripening of the 10 blueberry bushes for later in the summer.

My long weekend run has left my achilles tendons and knees a little sad...Monday's short run was a bit of a battle so I decided to take a run day off this morning and will spin this afternoon after work. Not my favorite time to work out but it's necessary to avoid injury at all costs, especially this early in the season. I'll hop on the treadmill for 10-15mins. after the spin and then take extra time to stretch... Should be good for another long run this weekend in the 50˚F new OTTER BOX will have arrived just in time!!!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone...and train hard!!


Blogger Chris said...

Hey! I love the new header on your blog! :)

Take care of that Achilles. I've got a bit of that (or something like that) going on myself, lately.

10:24 AM GMT-5


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