Monday, April 24, 2006

A Cold, Gray Monday

Ah don' gut too much ta say taday... so here's this cool photo for you which ties into this Drill of the Week...take a look and then see what it feels like to swim this way. I promise it will convince you to put your head down the next time you're swimming freestyle!!

Went for a 2.5 hr. ride on Saturday - it was beautiful but also gray and kinda' melancholy. Like today. Here's da numbers:
Total ride time: 2:35
Total miles: 35.4 mi.
Avg. mph: 13.9
Avg. HR: ~140 or < 75% max the whole way

Kinda slow, I know. I'll get faster... and it was windy...but I spent a lot of time in the aerobars and finished with the big hill, which was remarkably easier...and I wasn't sore progress continues...

Goin' for a run when I get home... 50 minutes ought to get me enough points to eat a yummy dinner... Tomorrow is weigh in day so we'll see how week one went. I'm trying not to get my hopes up...there's a part of my brain that thinks that perhaps I may just have lost 30 lbs. last week and I how can I NOT be disappointed when I see that I didn't. I'm declaring now that I'll be happy with 2 lbs. Oh and they're having a free trial period if anyone has been on the fence about shelling out the bucks. It's a pretty easy system for me to follow so far...

Until mañana...


Blogger Bolder said...

finally! the swim porn is back!!

i like the tip, i'm gonna try it... everyone for 6 lanes will be lookin' at the noob swimmin' with his head out of the water -- but, i'll try it!

keep investing in yourself, fulfilling all of your goals will just be the result of your worthwhile investment.

you are worth it.

8:24 PM GMT-5

Blogger Joe said...

I hate that head up drill!

3:00 PM GMT-5

Blogger Chris said...

I train lots so I can eat lots! Hope you enjoyed your dinner. :)

12:38 PM GMT-5


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