Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Unloading the Backpack

And speaking of backpacks, I want this one badly - in the baby blue. SO cool.

Well, yesterday was my first "weigh-in" day after one week of working the program.

4.25 lbs. gone from the 60 lb. backpack. HOLY. COW. It can be done.

TOTALLY fired up. Had an EXCELLENT 25 mins. of abs and shoulders dryland and then a great swim practice yesterday morning. Feeling really strong...

Thanks to everyone, especially TriSaratops for the WW plug, Tri-Daddy for the diet week/3hr. long ride suggestion, and Bolder for the racehorse analogy...and to everyone else, including Dad, for aiming me in the right direction, reminding me to be nice to myself and having faith that it can be done... I expect there will be speedbumps and potholes...but today is good and that's all I need to worry about.

Around the lake again this evening...and the sun is finally back. Thank the Goddess.

OH, and for some exciting reads, check out Jameson's first Xterra Race report and Joe's 50 fly PR. Edge of your seat inspiring...FOR SURE.

Train hard!!


Blogger Flatman said...

WOW! 4.25 LBS!!!!!!! Way to go! That is awesome.

I love your sidebar pic of the flower. Beautiful. I need to get some new pics up of mine too.

Keep up the hard work; sounds like you are on fire!

9:01 AM GMT-5

Blogger TriSaraTops said...

OMG---CONGRATS!!!!!!! Sooooooo excited for you. Keep up the good work and good workouts!!! :)

10:56 AM GMT-5

Blogger Bolder said...


a 4.25 p-dawg salute from da Republic!!

keep at it. keep workin' it. you'll see results.

make the investment.

11:01 AM GMT-5

Blogger tri-mama said...

Good job!
On the athena issue, I had to contemplate that at the start of last season-then the training helped me lose 4 sizes. I understand the conflict-well unless the podium prize is an ipod-then there's no conflict baby. :) Keep the fueling smart and the training true-you'll get to where you want to go.

3:08 PM GMT-5

Blogger jameson said...

awesome news spence! i have a feeling you have a very good summer ahead of you.

4:57 PM GMT-5

Blogger Susan said...

4.25 - awesome! I was hoping for more brady bunch trivia : )

10:13 AM GMT-5

Blogger Chris said...

Congrats on your weight loss so far! Keep up the great work! :)

1:04 PM GMT-5


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