Thursday, May 25, 2006

Informal Poll

If you work out in the morning before work, what fuel do you consume? I'd like to know, specifically:

1.) WHAT (if anything) you eat before your workout? How much?
2.) HOW LONG before the workout do you eat it?
3.) WHAT (if anything) do you eat DURING your workout? How much?
4.) WHAT (if anything) do you eat AFTER your workout? How much?
5.) HOW MANY TIMES do you eat/snack over the course of a morning, on any given day?
6.) Comment briefly on how your morning fuel is working for you...
7.) ON AVERAGE, how many hours of training do you do per week?

Answer just 1 or all 7... I'll try and summarize the answers in some meaningful way (charts, perhaps??) I'm basically trying to get at what food, how much of it, and when it's eaten. Thanks for your imput!!!


Blogger nancytoby said...

When I go to the gym to swim in the morning, I start out when I wake up with a gargantuan mug of coffee with about 1 cup whole milk in it. Then an energy bar on the drive there.

When I run in the morning usually it's just the coffee and milk first.

I try to have some kind of gel or bar with me in the car or in my gym bag if I feel myself getting low on energy before I get home again.

Right now I'm training about 10 hours per week.

3:24 PM GMT-5

Blogger Joe said...

1.) Usually a full meal (i.e. breakfast, lunch or dinner) with the four food groups.

2.) 1-2 hours

3.) I've just started using gels. I had great success recently with taking one gel every 45 minutes during a long run.

4.) Banana and a big glass of milk with a scoop of whey protein powder.

5.) I nibble on something every 1-2 hours. Trail mix, apples, crackers, etc.

6.) I usually have a big bowl of cereal with milk. I often have a banana too. Some mornings it keeps me going for 2-3 hours before I have to start into the trail mix.

7.) Not including warmups and stretching, about 6 hours.

5:55 PM GMT-5

Blogger Chris said...

1. I usually don't eat anything particularly special. If I have a longer (2+ hours) workout ahead, I try and be conscious to get something with a decent proportion of carbs in it. Otherwise, I don't worry about it.

2. Anywhere from 20 minutes to 3+ hours. The longer I let it digest, the harder I can go at the beginning.

3. During... for anything under 2 hours, I probably don't take anything. If it's hot out, I bring water. For longer stuff, I'll try and take in 200-300 calories an hour of Gatorade mixed with CarboPro.

4. After... whatever. Usually whatever I'm craving. I always eat real food - no recovery drinks for me.

5. During the morning, I normally just have breakfast. Then maybe a piece of fruit if I'm really starving before lunch. I usually eat lunch at 11 am, though.

6. I usually only swim in the mornings at 6 am, so I don't eat breakfast before then. The days I swim, I eat breakfast after. The days I don't swim, I probably don't eat breakfast.

7. Right now? Maybe 10-13? During peak IM training, probably just under 20.

6:51 PM GMT-5

Blogger Barb said...

1) Swim mornings: Slimfast (190 cal) and several cups of coffee. Same for runs. Long runs get a Gu gel 15 minutes prior w/ water.

2) Usually eat only 30min prior, which is why I use something easy to digest.

3) During runs over 3 miles I use 16-24oz of Gu2o (100-150 cal.) Runs less than 3 miles I usually take water only.

4) I usually eat cereal with 2% milk after. Cheerios or raisin bran.

5) Usually drink coffee throughout the morning and snack on a bananna or some raisins. Rarely eat a decent breakfast if I don't have a morning workout.

6) Have yet to have a GI problem with the slimfast. Goes down fast and easy and sets well. I also really like gels, Gu in particular.

7) about 7 hours per week... will get longer now that cycling season is here.

10:10 PM GMT-5

Blogger Cliff said...

1.) Raisins, sometimes gel but found gel too pricey.
2.) Right before.
3.) Only eat during long run and bike, gel.
4.) After long run/bike, protien milkshake. Some solid carbs food after
5.) 4-5 times
6.) Works fine for me. Morning i always have two flax seed bagel with PB. by 10 am, my stomach is asking for more.
7.) 8-16. I think I hit 19 once.

Just for reference. 145 lbs and 5'7".

3:30 PM GMT-5

Blogger Jessi said...

1. I eat nothing before early a.m. workouts.

2. See #1.

3. Nothing.

4. Go Lean Crunch and milk, or 1 bagel w/cream cheese.

5. I usually eat breakfast, and then another snack at 10:30ish, and then lunch.

6. Works great. I prefer to work out on an empty stomach in the morning (daytime and evening workouts are a totally different story, however.). No food before a.m. workouts and my stomach stays happy - and I've also heard it's better for fat-burning, although I don't know if that's a myth...

7. Average probably 10 hrs week.

12:23 AM GMT-5

Blogger Steven said...

1. A piece of wholewheat toast with generous slathering of peanut butter.
2. 10-minutes or so.
3. Nothing.
4. Either a big bowl of oatmeal with soy milk or a big bowl of non-sweetened cold ceral with soy milk and another piece of toast/pb.
5. 2-4
6. It does but only for a couple of hours, then I get hungry again.
7. 10-13

12:15 PM GMT-5


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