Monday, June 05, 2006

Official Finishing Time - CBHM, 2006


Scott!!! YOU WIN THE NEW HEADER!!! Scott guessed 2:24:42, only slightly closer to my net time than Weasel Boy who guessed 2:24:35. Scott, send me your email address (click on my profile to get my email address if you don't want to post yours in the comments...) and get ready for a fancy new header!!!

Thanks to everyone who played... here are the official results if you're interested... A few more stats for you:

Based on Gun time, my time was 2:28:40 and I was 1490/1621.
On Net time though, I was 2:26:46, 1486/1621. So there were 135 people behind me.
Last year I finished 1535 out of 1586...only 51 people behind me. Cool. I think, after 4 years of racing and never being last yet, I can put that fear behind me...unless of course something goes drastically wrong...which is always possible...

In my age group, based on gun time, I was 294/327.
Based on net time, I was 291/327.

I was also invited to join a relay team of 12 to run the Reach The Beach Relay in September and then will run another half marathon in October. I'm totally looking forward to improving on all these stats...numbers can be really motivating...

And in other news, I've found an east coast blogger to train with!!! Tri Zilla, her training partner and I are planning to ride the bike course for the Great Fairlee Triathlon sometime before the race - pictures to follow (oh, and be sure to check in on Trizilla later on to read her latest race report)! VERY excited about this turn of events as it's made me green with envy watching all of you midwestern and western bloggers join up to train together.

OK, so onto the bike focus... bring. it. ON!!!



Blogger Flatman said...

Woohoo...the bike!

(have you seen my new baby?)

9:51 AM GMT-5

Blogger Barb said...

I'm doing a Half in the fall also... might just have to make a wager. Who can beat their time by the most, perhaps?

8:30 PM GMT-5

Blogger Jessi said...

That's a great time! Congrats on a solid half!

11:25 PM GMT-5

Blogger Scott said...

I've been freaky busy for the last copule of days and just got around to reading about your race.



And, like wow, I get a new blog header. I'll be in touch with my e-mail etc. I guess by now, I can trust that you're not an evil axe murderess...

5:04 AM GMT-5

Blogger Steven said...

Congrats on a great half-mary!

Now go get on your bike!

12:15 AM GMT-5

Blogger jameson said...

awesome job! Half marathons are a good time and I also believe they are great preparation for triathlon. Keep it up!

3:48 PM GMT-5


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