Sunday, June 18, 2006

VT Sun Sprint Tri - Preliminary Results

OK, first tri of this summer: check! It went great!

Last year on this course, I finished in 1:45.38.

Today's unofficial time: 1:39.20.

6 minutes faster.

It's totally working...and I'm SO PUMPED!!!

Details tomorrow with splits and the to go to bed NOW...

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!!!


Blogger nancytoby said...

Congratulations!! Well done, and we want all the details, after you sleep!!! :-)

8:15 PM GMT-5

Blogger Barb said...

Cool! Looking forward to all the details!

9:04 PM GMT-5

Blogger Flatman said...

Faster is always better!!! RACE REPORT! (bangs fists like bolder...) ;)

8:16 AM GMT-5

Blogger Chris said...

Hurray for progress! :)

8:17 AM GMT-5


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