Friday, July 07, 2006

Time to Focus

Just settling in to watch Stage 6 of Le Tour. How in the world do those guys go so fast and then take their hands off the handlebars to mess around with stuff in their back pockets? Inquiring minds want to know... Also, what would it take to have a tour with all women? Hardly seems fair that the boys get to suffer thru and there's no opportunity for the girls...Maybe the Tour Du Canada?? How cool would that be?

Did my last easy spin around the lake tonight before the race on Sunday - EZ 6 miles, cadence +95, no mashing just spinning. They've put up signs announcing the race to local traffic, and they've taped the mile markers on the road. One nice thing is that they started the run course a little further back than last year so the spray painted numbers on the road that I'm used to pacing myself on are about 10 yards beyond the new taped I'm thinking it may feel like each mile is short. :) I can try and convince myself of this anyway...

I drove over to the stretch of sketchy road on the bike course to see if they've patched it yet and they haven't so we'll be riding an alternate route, which initially made me really mad but now I'm looking forward to it just being a different challenge. It's about 7 miles shorter and the hills are way less steep and long so it'll actually suit me and Amelia much better - and hopefully all the big ring work I've been doing will pay off. I won't have a good way to compare my results since the course is shorter...but I can still compare splits so it'll be fine.

I'm almost in the zone I need to be in to race. I'm thinking about getting up early tomorrow and going for a walk, maybe some visualization about how things will go. Here's what I'm thinking so far, but I need to focus things a little more:

1.) I want to do some easy swimming and a little bit of tempo/sprinting to get warmed up before the swim. My plan is to do 3 or 4 porpoise dives at the start but not go out as fast as I did in my last sprint. I will remember what we learned in practice on Thursday and find a good pace quickly.

2.) I'm not too worried about my transitions and trying to save a ton of time but tomorrow I will spend some time thinking about how I can be most efficient. I know it's free time but I want to keep my focus on the work for this one.

3.) Cadence, cadence, cadence. I want to keep my rate over 85, preferably at 90+ for as much of the ride as possible. I will focus on not not "mashing" and working to be consistent so as to give my legs as much of a chance to run fast as possible. I'd also like to see an average speed over 16 mph.

4.) T2 will be quick. I will focus on myself and not worry if there are a lot of bikes already racked. It's my race and I've learned from a lot of races that I will not be last.

5.) Like in my sprint, I don't want to leave anything in the tank during the run so I'm going to push. HARD. I'll keep my HR under 85% (< 162) for the first 3 miles but it's all out for the last two. Short, quick strides are the key.

I need to spend some time thinking about my nutrition. I certainly need to take on calories but the question is what and when. Will fine tune tomorrow.

OK, off to bed. More tomorrow. Hope you all are well!!


Blogger nancytoby said...

Just remember: The guys in the Tour are pros. We are NOT pros. :-)

I think there used to be a woman's TdF but it didn't last. The usual reasons - sponsorships, audience, etc. I wish....

9:15 PM GMT-5

Blogger 'Zilla said...

Oh, I whole-heartedly agree on the women's TdF! That would be SO cool. I guess Nancy's right - but it's frustrating, nonetheless.

Can't wait til tomorrow! Love your notes, you made me think more about the race.

See you in 16 hours!

9:16 PM GMT-5

Blogger Joe said...

Good luck in the race!

11:59 PM GMT-5

Blogger Cliff said...

Spence have a great race.

Sounds like u are getting everything together.

It's funny. I have been training for the past five months on the same nutrition/hydration plan. That's my biggest concern for my race this coming weekend ;).

I am looking forward to read your race report next week.

4:18 AM GMT-5

Blogger Nick said...

Well, your payers have been answered - there IS a women's TdF!!!

Links here

and here

Yes, the reason I know is that in this, a most inauspicious week for British sport, Radio 4 of the BBC sent out a request for British success stories and Nicole Cooke's father emailed in to tell them that his daughter had won!!

keep prepping, mighty athlete. I'll talk you later!

UK Weasel

5:27 AM GMT-5

Blogger Barb said...

Kick some arse tomorrow! Will be waiting for the race report! Good luck!

7:28 PM GMT-5

Blogger Bolder said...

a women's Tour de France.

*gazes at the mountains and reflects on this for a long time making long sighing noises...*

i'd settle for just bringing back Kirsten Gum on OLN... who the freak decided Al Trautwig is Mr. Endurance Broadcaster?... was I consulted on this?

so oldie men boys club it is not even funny... bobke can't even save this train wreck coverage.

11:09 AM GMT-5

Blogger E-Speed said...

I asked Stu the same thing about women in the tdf and got an answer on one of his podcasts. Sounds like they used to have one the same time as the mens but with shorter distances etc. And now they sort of have one but not at the same time.

I still think women should be allowed to do the actual tdf with the boys. I bet there's some speed divas who can hang!

8:47 AM GMT-5


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