Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Newest Game...

I went to my first Weight Watchers MEETING since I was in 7th grade on Monday. I tried the WW online thingy last spring and had some success but as I've mentioned before, self-accountability is something I struggle with (and that, my friends, is the understatement of the year).

Tuesday was day 1 of successful points calculating. The new game is to see how many days I can go without totally falling off the wagon. I'm treating this like quitting smoking. I'm pulling out all the stops and asking for help from all directions. I'm going to make the meetings work for me. I'll admit, some of it was hokey...but I've run out of options...I have to do the work and I need help doing it.

SO please check in and help me count 2 is off to a good start.

Thanks ya'll...


Blogger Scott said...

Weight Watchers has worked for me on two different ocassions but I never stay for the actual meetings ... believe it or not, I know that eating crufierous veggies is good and that white pasta with gobs of butter and parmesan are bad. What works for me is the weigh in - I hear you about self-accountability.

Keep at it Spence (lol, at first without thinking I typed your real name...)!

5:52 AM GMT-5

Blogger Wylee said...

Do whatever works for you! I have to get up every morning and rededicate myself to myself. Sometimes I have a bad day, but I can't think yesterday. Stay in the moment and make good choices as you go.

10:49 AM GMT-5

Blogger stronger said...

I tried to tell my mom that she could save her money and spend the meeting time on the elliptical or bike trainer. She declined and goes on and off WW all the time. However, the only way my mother ever loses weight is on weight's the weigh ins.

Keep at it!

4:48 PM GMT-5


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