Monday, November 06, 2006

This and That...

So I saw the white coat doc on Friday. After giving an hour of exhaustive personal medical history (during which time I learned that, although I have what to me is a debilitating case of depression, I actually do have an awful lot of things going for me - not the least of which is triathlon) the doc announced that he will be adding Wellbutrin to my existing Zoloft regimen. The initial temptation was to up the Zoloft since I'm still only on half the maximum reccomended dosage...but doing that could cause side effects which, to date, I have not experienced. He felt I was a good candidate for Wellbutrin based on my patterns and moods so we'll give it a shot. My understanding is that the Zoloft acts on the serotonin uptake and the Wellbutrin acts on the norepinephrin uptake...and the two combined do all kinds of happy things for my brain. Once the WB takes it's full effect, we may be able to slowly back off the Z so that I'm only on one medication - which I'm all for. But it may be that I need both. The goal is to get me to my "summer self"...that's my alter ego Triathlete Girl...capable of leaping tall buildings (and eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains rather than donuts) in a single bound. We shall see.

I start it tomorrow morning and it's supposed to take up to 4 weeks to reach it's full effect. I'm hopeful. And the sun is making a difference these past few days too. Beauty.

Extra special congrats to all that raced at Ironman Florida. You guys rock and it was totally exciting to watch all the splits come thru and know that you were becoming ironmen and women! Wish I could've been there in person but I certainly WAS there in spirit...


Blogger Barb said...

Keep at it, girl! Although, I don't know that nuts, berries and grasses are an improvement over Donuts!! You're right. Triathlete girls have to eat right to be healthy!

I took the Wellbutrin to quit smoking. Worked like a charm... and I was happy about it! :)

1:46 PM GMT-5

Blogger m said...

I was diagnosed with depression this august. I'm the complete opposite though. I can't get enough of darkness or cloudy days. (maybe I was a vampire in a former I believe in reincarnation) Anyhow the meds have been great for me so far. (I like to think they saved me) I will probably have to up them when summer rolls around again. Or move north.

Good luck with your training.

1:56 PM GMT-5

Blogger Flatman said...

Good. I need Triathlete Girl to come back. :)

3:18 PM GMT-5

Blogger TriSaraTops said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for you!

7:48 PM GMT-5

Blogger Wylee said...

Hey Spence, my entire family tree is covered with the leaves of mental illness. It has escaped no generation or manifestation. I too have suffered with depression. It sucks the color from your days. I understand the monochrome life. I commend you for taking steps to help yourself! Try to keep writing and moving. I believe in you triathlete girl!

9:57 AM GMT-5


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