Saturday, February 03, 2007

Life is Good

Things are so so so much better in my world since 2007 started. It's a little unsettling how quickly things turned around. I think it's mostly due to the fact that I reached out to a whole bunch of friends and family and every one of them rallied to be sure I was not alone, I was involved and I knew I was loved. That, and my depression meds seem to have stabilized...better living thru chemistry. I'm one lucky kid... and so thankful for everything...

Trip to Vegas was fine - pretty uneventful and very sunny and nice. The ski show went great, my booth looked just fine and all the sales reps were happy with my product catalog design. Plus, getting out of my local world for awhile makes me realize just how much bigger the real world's such a relief to know that there's so much more out there. I have some plans marinating, things are underway for some big changes, and I feel much less afraid to meet the challenges ahead of me. Amazing.

The training front is also going really well. You can see what I've been up to in my sidebar or by viewing my public log at coolest training log site ever (my log is hollyfish). Mini non-team swim meet tomorrow at Phillips Exeter Academy...I think only 4 of us are's not a big deal for me but it's something fun to do for the day with friends... not passing up on any of that right now. Friends are my lifeline.

We finally have SNOW so skiing is in the near future. Top that off with the formation of a new morning running group...and invites to play pond hockey regularly...things are just moving right along!! And it's a good thing since you'll notice my countdown timer to Timberman has dropped below 200 days!!! YIKES!!! I'm well ahead of where I was a year ago and fired up to keep's all good.

Hope you all are enjoying the start of your new year. Not sure how much blogging I'm going to be doing for the next little is calling. But I'm still reading and keeping up with you all...know that you provide daily inspiration!!!

Train hard... and stay safe and healthy!


Blogger TriSaraTops said...

Glad to hear all is well! Enjoy the skiing! :)

5:06 PM GMT-5

Blogger MartyTheFool said...

Hey I was getting worried about you! Welcome back. It will be nice to ski. We finally got the powder, but the HIGH today is -1. :-(

Keep training grrly.

9:11 AM GMT-5

Blogger Triteacher said...

Yay! Feels good, doesn't it? And, if life gives you a little time, you're it. :)

3:44 PM GMT-5

Blogger Scott said...

Keep it up Spence. I'm glad to hear that your life is good!

6:41 AM GMT-5

Blogger IM Able said...

Very excited to hear that the gray has lifted and you're enjoying yourself! Mighty M (my s.o.) just did some booths out at OR and some other show in Vegas -- I have a sneeking suspicion you're both the same type of designerfolk. I can't design my way out of a paper bag. Thank goodness nobody has asked me to, yet. (Yet)

Be well!


2:12 PM GMT-5

Blogger tarheeltri said...

Good to hear things are going well!

9:29 PM GMT-5

Blogger Flatman said...

:) Smiling at ya!

4:49 PM GMT-5


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