Thursday, March 15, 2007

Feedback please...

Audrey posed this question a week or two ago... and it's one that I've struggled with too... both in friendships and relationships...

"How long do you have to date [or know] someone before you let them see the crazy?"

Exactly how long? And do you have any recourse if you blow it and spook 'em with too much too soon?

Inquiring triathlon minds want to know.

ps. ran 5 consecutive sub-10:30 min miles yesterday!!!


Blogger Audrey said...

Hehe...well I clearly don't know the answer. Sometimes I think that I should truly just be myself b/c some people think the weirdness is endearing so I should be w/ someone who embraces the weirdness and if not I'm better off being weird alone.

But sometimes I think that being normal for a while shows superior social skills. I would want anyone I'm dating to be normal for a bit. It's just polite not to be weird sometimes :)

5:51 PM GMT-5

Blogger JC said...

Long enough that their shit is at your place and cannot be easily extricated without unleashing more crazy than they know what to do with. Hahaha.

Nice work on the runs, darlin. You are making me step up my game.

7:39 AM GMT-5

Blogger Joe said...

By "the crazy" do you mean things like farting in front of him or her? Or do you mean things like having a conversation with a tissue or perhaps pointing at the sky and screaming things like "Get your hands off my TV Guide"?

If it's the former, I'd wait two or three months. If it's the latter, I'd wait four.

12:57 PM GMT-5

Blogger MartyTheFool said...

Hmmm....Tough one.

If said 'date' is showing crazy signs first, inclination is to run. And not for fun.

So how long does the illusion last. I guess it depends, but I always like the rule of threes. Three days, three weeks, three months.

Three days to show to quirks in your car (discarded coffee cups, race bib numbers etc).

Three weeks to show the quirks in your house (Bike parts in the kitchen sink, wet suit in the bathroom, 14 pairs of running shoes in the closet).

Three Months to show the quirks in your family (Brother's a redneck, sister's a pagan, mom is a former beauty pageant queen).

Beyond that it's up to you....(your a speedster, nice run!)

the fool

8:50 AM GMT-5

Blogger Joe B said...

See I might be crazy but I think the question is backwards. You show your crazy and if they still want to date then It is probably meant to be. Before I dated my wife it was very clear to her that I was INSANE but yet she still signed up for the crazy train...

4:31 PM GMT-5

Blogger Phoenix said...

I'm with Joe B. Putting on a nice personna you think you're supposed to be is a waste of energy. Be yourself, as is. It weeds out the idiots you don't want to hang with anyway.

Besides, define normal. Normal is boring.

4:59 PM GMT-5

Blogger Phoenix said...

Oh, ps - great run!

5:00 PM GMT-5

Blogger jbmmommy said...

Why hide the crazy, isn't that what makes us worth knowing?

Nice job on the run. I'm new, and enjoying your blog.

12:33 PM GMT-5


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