Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Midweek Apathy

Need to make myself dinner.

Don't really feel like it. And it's a good thing my house is out of delivery range.

Does a bag of microwave popcorn make the list of Wholesome Triathele Dinners? No?

How about An Entire Pan Of Brownies? Didn't think so....

I'll keep thinking on it... maybe if I think long enough I'll fall asleep and the problem will resolve itself.

Hey, if you find that this post isn't really doing much for you, head over and visit TriZilla - she had an unfortunate bagel/ginsu knife incident and could really use some comment love - and lots and lots of encouragement and good thoughts... life throws some crap at us when we least need it. It would mean a lot to her...and to me.


Blogger Jen said...

You must have read my mind! I was just thinking about making those brownies we had at TM... But that would involve being in thi kitchen... and bad BAD things happen there. Thanks for the shout out :)

6:06 PM GMT-5

Blogger MartyTheFool said...

What I do when I feel like a pan of brownies is that I make them.

Then I eat a whole head of broccoli before I eat even ONE brownie. Then I eat enough to get the green stuff off my teeth.

BTW: already been over to Zilla-boo-boo's arena. Poor girl!

7:26 PM GMT-5

Blogger Isis said...

The brownies and the popcorn may not be the answer, but sometimes this former triathlete would dine on ice cream alone.

Hope you're well!

7:52 AM GMT-5


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