Thursday, March 01, 2007

Progress is Motivating!

Easy treadmill recovery run yesterday...thought I'd start out at 12:00 min miles and slowly increase the pace until I got to 75% of my heart rate, just to see how things are progressing.

12 min/mi = about, that's kind of new. Cool.
11 min/mi = about 65%. Even better. Held that for about 5 minutes and it settled back below 65%...nice.
10 min/mi = 70%...held this to the end of mile 1...still no increase, holding steady at 70%. Huh.

Still feeling really good, fairly easy, pretty strong...

9:30 min/mi = ~74%... let's see how long I can stay right here... only slightly uncomfortable.

Well that, my friends, was the first sub 10 min mile I've run in a long time. I held it into mile 3 for a little bit but my HR started to creep up...75%, I backed off a little bit and finished out 3 miles at about 10 min/mi... nice. Felt awesome.

And this morning in the pool, my 100 yd. free repeats were coming in consistently at about 1:32... at a relatively easy effort. It's all about not fighting the water.

There's nothing quite as motivating as progress...

Train hard!!


Blogger Joe said...

Nice progress! It's really sweet when you can reel off a bunch of 100's at 1:30.

6:55 PM GMT-5


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