Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Shift of Game Plan...

OK, temporary setback...NOT going to the ATL next week as previously planned...which is disappointing but I have to believe that there's some reason for it that has not yet made itself clear to me... maybe the plane I was supposed to get on will have something wrong with it... who knows... I'm trying not to worry about it though. Will postpone my trip to some later date, maybe April or May, hopefully when I can schedule some interviews and maybe hook up with some masters swimmers to get a tour of the city. Here's hoping anyway...

Workouts have been really strong of late... I did my first 2 hour endurance spin on Sunday...and my legs were total mush after about 1.5 hrs... bummer!!! Seeing as the Timberman bike will be closer to THREE+ hours, it's a good thing I'm already working this issue, eh?! Runrgurl, IronTom and EB (that would be short for Energizier Bunny) have got me dialed in to their schedules so I'm working hard to keep up. It's SOOOOOO nice to finally have a group of fun training partners. I feel sure that THIS is what I've been missing from my Tri Life. Feels great.

It was -23˚F with the windchill this morning when I got up to go to the pool. Does anyone else agree that that's just WRONG? I've SO had it with the northeast... and winter in general...



Blogger Isis said...

-23F???????? That IS wrong! I will not mention the temps here in the sunny south.

By the way, when you're ready to head to Atlanta, there are several masters teams you might check out, depending on where you are and when. There is Dynamo Masters, which has a couple of different locations, the Georgia Masters Killer Whales (I think they are the northwestern side of the city/suburbs), the Atlanta Rainbow Trout (BGLT team, at least mostly if not entirely) and the Atlanta Water Jocks (but I think all men). I'd be happy to help you find info when the time comes, because I've been to meets sponsored by these teams.

Meanwhile, happy training--your spinning ventures sound awesome.

3:40 PM GMT-5

Blogger Joe said...

Fun training partners make all the difference.

11:27 AM GMT-5

Blogger Mallie said...

My cycling team is headquartered in Hotlanta. Give a holler when you know you're coming and I can hook you up with some of them. Several of them swim and several are triathletes and adventure racers so they're good folks to contact.

3:21 PM GMT-5

Blogger MartyTheFool said...

Wrong. Just Wrong. ACK! I really want it to be warm soon. Sorry to hear about your mis-trip. Later perhaps.

YES, training partners are the bomb. I truly love mine. Nuts, all of them.
Nice to hear your workkouts have been killer. Mine too... Finally.

7:57 PM GMT-5


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