Saturday, March 24, 2007

Swim Meet, Day 2

We're chugging along... moved from 15th to 14th place overall so that's good news. Our coach just moved into a new age group this year and is smashing all the records for New England's pretty fun (and funny) to watch. In one event, she beat the NE record by about 11 seconds...and then the next person behind her in her age group at the meet swam 44 seconds slower. Awesome...

I had another great day! Two events and two relays... here's the run down:

50 Breaststroke:
seed time: 0:46
previous PR: 0:45.26
swim time today: 0:46.12

50 yard sprints are tough...I felt like I was flailing a bit and didn't swim all that well technically so I think that was the difference on this race... first race of the day and all... I was a little stiff...and I over-thought it... should've just relaxed and worked the glide and walls...instead I was trying to swim too fast... better to not fight the water. Still, within a second of my PR is fine with me!

200 Freestyle:
seed time: 3:15
previous PR: never swam in a meet but fastest practice time, 3:07
swim time today: 2:56.32

This swim felt great!! Which means I could've pushed harder!!! Oh well - I was incredibly happy to swim under 3 minutes...didn't know I'd improved that much... I swam a steady pace that felt good but not too too hard...didn't want to take it out too fast and then die. Next time I'll turn on the speed at the 100 yd wall and swim the 2nd 100 faster with each 25. I was second in my heat (by 10 seconds) so that was kind of fun...and I inched out the 3rd place finisher by only a second so it was nice seeing that effort.

Also swam the lead off leg of the 400 freestyle relay (1:20.49) and the breaststroke leg of the 200 medley relay (0:46.34).

I'm pretty tired! One more'd be nice if we could break into the top 10 but the chips are against us for this meet. Tomorrow I swim the 100 IM, the 100 Breast and the 50 Free... I feel sure I can swim PRs for the 100s but the 50 free is a toss up... I'll just do my best. I've been amazed at how much visualization of each race has helped me. Well worth the mental exercise just before the race...

Just in case you were wondering, swimming ROCKS.


Blogger MartyTheFool said...

Yeah Spence! You're my hero! (Or is it heroine?)

The breast stroke is tough! You came oh so close (Again) to busting that one.

CONGRATS on the great 2nd swim too. And another PR!

Is it going to be hard to come back to real life again?

SPRING has sprung here! 70 F today. Something to look forward to.

8:33 AM GMT-5

Blogger Isis said...

Great swims--you were right on your best time in that 50, and to bust out more PRs is awesome. Yay!

11:56 AM GMT-5

Blogger Joe B said...

Way to go. Now all spring you can set Biking and Running PRs....

4:54 PM GMT-5

Blogger Joe said...

Nice 200 free!

1:00 PM GMT-5


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