Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Swim, Swim, Swim!!

OK, finally fell asleep at around 1 am. Not fun. And almost slept thru the alarm this morning. But I didn't miss the bus and we had a pretty fun dryland session and swim workout. Feeling a little better this morning. It's still cold and dark and gray...and snowing... but I'll survive. Better days are indeed ahead. Things always look brighter in the morning...

We're heading down to Cambridge this weekend to swim at the Short Course Yards (SCY) USMS Masters Championship Meet at Harvard. The meet last year was super fun...we had grand plans this year to head into the main meet weekend with points on the board... this past weekend the distance events were held - 1000 yds and 1650 yds - and we had a whole crew of folks raring to go...but their plans were foiled by snow, sleet, and freezing rain on Friday night and Saturday morning...so only one swimmer was able to make it down. Fortunately he swam like a fish and placed 4th in his age group to get us 13 points on the board! Not the 100 or so we were hoping to have but it's something!!! We may have to give up our dreams of a top 5 finish and just go for top 10. Here's hoping we can maybe match our 6th place finish from December.

I'm swimming more events than I have before but they're spread over 3 days instead of 2 so it doesn't feel quite so daunting. Here are my events and seed times (in case you're just tuning in and are unfamiliar with masters meets, you send in your expected swim times and swim against people of your same TIME rather than same AGE....that way the meet moves along quickly and you're never DEAD LAST in your heat if you have a super competitive age group. Your final results are by age and you typically get team points for 1st - 15th place.)

200 yd Breaststroke - 3:35
100 yd Freestyle - 1:22
200 yd IM (my Mt. Everest) - 3:42
1 leg of the 200 yd freestyle relay (50 yds)
** glad to have the 200 Br. and 200 IM over on this first day as they are the two hardest for me.

50 yd Breaststroke - 0:46
1 leg of the 400 yd freestyle relay (100 yds)
200 yd Freestyle - 3:15
1 leg of the 200 yd medley relay (50 yds of whatever coach chooses for me)

100 (not 110!!) yd IM - 1:34
50 yd Free - 0:37
100 yd Breaststroke - 1:45
1 leg of the 400 yd medley relay (100 yds of ?? TBA...)

Quite the endurance weekend!! I'm looking forward to hanging with my friends and having good swims - I feel really strong and have been swimming PR times lately so I hope to beat most of my seed times and hopefully come away with a bunch of PRs!! It gets harder each meet to not have any expectations...but I feel good about my individual performance of late... so it should be fun!!

Train hard!!


Blogger Joe said...

That's a lot of events! You're sure to be well shredded by the end of the weekend. Good luck.

11:33 AM GMT-5

Blogger Isis said...

Hope you have a great meet! And kick some but in that 110 IM--which stroke gets the extra yards? ;)

1:08 PM GMT-5

Blogger MartyTheFool said...

Hey Spence! Read your 'late night' post....

I feel for you! We have had some good teaser days of 50-60, sooooo know that it's coming soon! I am tryin my darnedest to send you some sunshine....

Good Swimming to you, I wish you a mermaids tail and Neptune's trident.

Kick some fins!

7:24 PM GMT-5

Blogger Bolder said...

good luck, and good swimmin'!

9:28 PM GMT-5


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