Thursday, April 12, 2007

All quiet on the Blogger front...

Either that, or my bloglines isn't working.

It's snowing. Heavily. 8-12" today and tonight. 3-6" more on Saturday. Another storm on the way for Monday. Bliss.

Excuse me while I go gouge my eyes out.

I wish I could enjoy how pretty is, this soft, wet, sticky snow that's clinging to everything as it falls outside my office window. (takes a moment to consider enjoying it... watches it fall fast and furious...thinks: nope, definitely not enjoyable... in fact, this is what my own personal version of hell would be...)

I finally solidified plans to go check out Atlanta. And I'm even going to swim in a swim meet and go to a masters practice with the Atlanta Rainbow Trout! Kewl. I'm looking forward to some warm weather, some green grass and a break from this Siberian-like tundra. Two weeks from today...

My runs are getting faster, my butterfly stroke is getting stronger, and the sun is rising earlier. Guess I'll focus on that stuff and hope the rest melts quickly...

Train hard!


Blogger Audrey said...

It's already snowing there?!?!

That is awesome you will be swimming in GA. No better way to check out what your life will be like when you're there, right??

Anyway, very cool about your fun plans.

10:36 AM GMT-5

Blogger TriSaraTops said...

My bloglines doesn't seem to be working, either! I checked a few of my regular blogs and they are all posting, but bloglines is snoozing. :(

Our foot we got last week is already melted! Here's hoping the same for you. Crazy fricken April!

10:55 AM GMT-5

Blogger momo said...

i feel so terrible that you all are still having snow - atlanta will be a good reprieve. or, you can come down to arizona where we've decided hell with spring, let's go straight to summer and 100 degree weather. ok, so i'm exaggerating a little but its already HOT. ;-)

12:02 PM GMT-5

Blogger Barb said...

Snow? What's with that? Isn't it spring yet?

Glad to hear you are heading to Atlanta. Swimming with the trout and checking out the sun! Can't wait to hear about it.

10:45 PM GMT-5

Blogger Isis said...

I wish I could join you for the meet, but I am definitely still on the DL. But swim fast--and come back so we can try again!

7:17 AM GMT-5


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