Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pride and Joy

First, there is cause to be proud today.

I got out of bed at 5:15 to go to dryland and swim practice...only to look out the window, see 8 new inches of snow, and get right back into my warm, cozy bed.

I closed my eyes and settled back in for another hour and a half of sleep...and then just couldn't do it.

"You're missing the bus."
I know, but it's SNOWING and it's APRIL and it's NOT.FAIR.

"There's no other time to work out today."
who cares, I'll work out tomorrow

"You have a half marathon to run in 8 weeks."
UGH. I know. but if it's still winter in 8 weeks, I'm NOT doing it. I.HATE.WINTER.

"Timberman is happening in 20 weeks. TWENTY.WEEKS."
crap, that's a scary thought

"How about you skip the swim, get on your trainer and watch TV?"
(really whining now) ...but bed is so much nicer...

"OK, now it's still have 1.5 hours to get this KNOW you want to..."
NO. no, I really don't.

"Yeeeeeeeessssss you do... yes yes yes yes yes... think how NOT guilty you'll feel once you get it done... "
grumble grumble @#$%^^&&*... WHY can't you just let me go back to sleep!!!???

"Because you're a triathlete and your triathlete friends are already going to wonder why you didn't show up to swim so the least you can tell them is that you did SOMETHING productive..."

It's still snowing. I did 35 minutes on the trainer and 30 mins of abs. and stretching and that was the compromise. I can live with that.

The REAL victory though, came later on the way to work when I bypassed Dunkin Donuts (c'mon just pull in, ONE donut on a snowy day like today won't make a difference...), then bypassed the convenience store where they have my favorite 1500 calorie/cup cappuccino, AND bypassed the bagel place where I'd typically reward myself with a sausage, egg and cheese deal for just getting myself out of bed on a day like this. AND, when the office went out to get muffins just now, I passed.

Holy crap. Miracles do happen.

And now, for the joy (she says, as sarcasm drips from her coffee caffeinated lips...)


Blogger Audrey said...

HOW CRAZY IS THIS WEATHER!!! After 3 years I realize I am STILL new to New England. I'm floored! Take care of yourself up there :)

9:47 AM GMT-5

Blogger MartyTheFool said...

Spring snow? OK, maybe. 8 INCHES? No way.................

Winter...Winter.....WINTER.. FRICKING! WINTER! Argh! Hate it! Me too! Me too! It's 35 here today. UGH! STOP it now dam it!

WAY to go, You'll be happier at the half marathon when it happens.

Really great dialog and self-conversation with er, yourself.

Chin up Spence. Atta girl.


7:34 PM GMT-5


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