Friday, May 18, 2007

Bits and Bobs

Well, I have a race report to share with you all but have not had time to write it yet. So I'll just tell you that last Saturday (5/12) I ran the Big Lake Half Marathon and finished with a new PR, 3 minutes faster, at 2:23:10. I was shooting for 2:20 but got sidetracked earlier in the month with some snow-induced motivational issues. It was a fantastic race and a beautiful course... and I was excited to run it faster. Report is forthcoming...

If you get a chance, head on over to TEAM IRON TOM and check out 5 really great age group triathletes who also happen to be buddies from my swim team. These guys are all rock solid athletes AND people, and you'll really learn a lot from their adventures. Look for them in their rockin' red uniforms at a race near you!!! And don't be shy - introduce yourselves... and feel free to shower them with lotsa comment love!!

And I know we're heading into open water swimming season but if you've been putting off learning how to do a flip turn, my coach has been working on a series of drills that will help with the learning progression, starring yours truly and a few of my teammates. Head on over to GoSwim and take a look at all the cool stuff! I like to call this new fangled approach The Noodle Method... mostly because it cracks me up. But it really seems to nail down the basics of the flip turn to be sure that you learn your flips correctly, without bad habits. So far we've filmed Drill #1 and Drill #2. Check 'em out!!!

And lastly in this Friday edition, my most excellent 10 year old friend posed this riddle to me last evening as we were hanging out making grilled cheese for her 12 and 7 year old sisters. See if you can figure it out... it's quite clever!! (I didn't get it until she showed me... ) I'll send a fun song for your iTunes collection to anyone who can demonstrate the solution...

Hope ya'll have a GREAT weekend!!! Train and race hard!!!


Blogger momo said...

i got it!! i don't want to post it though, so others can try to figure it out - how do i let you know??

good job on the pr!

12:33 PM GMT-5

Blogger Phoenix said...

My brain is not that smart.

I am going to try the flip turn drills, though. I've just been going to the wall and pushing off - its kind of embarrasing in Masters when everyone else is flipping away. Thanks for the link to that - and for demonstrating the drills!

2:01 PM GMT-5

Blogger Isis said...

Ooh ooh, what a clever riddle. I got it too. But tell your 10-year-old friend that it took your 35-year-old e-friend a couple of days to figure it out.

Congrats on the half marathon. Can't wait to hear (oops: read) the details!

10:56 AM GMT-5

Blogger Joe said...

Congrats on the PR.

1:55 PM GMT-5


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