Monday, May 14, 2007


Yup, I am. With these:


AMAZING. Let me just start by telling you a bit about me and my history with sunglasses.

First, I'm convinced I have ears at different heights so any glasses I've ever had sit crooked on my face. Not these. These fit PERFECTLY. So perfectly that I think I actually might look hawt in them... always important.

Next, I tend to sweat. A lot. And my glasses either fog up and I just plain can't see, or the sweat pools along the bottom edge of the lens and that's just irritating. Not at all an issue with these.

Finally, I'm totally cheap. So paying $150 for a pair of sunglasses isn't going to happen. Not now, not ever. Murphy's Law dictates that the day after I buy them, I'll sit on 'em, or they'll fall off my face when I lean over to do something and then I'll step on 'em... or... you know the drill. Anything nice gets pretty wrecked... so having nice stuff... yeah, not so much. But these, these are totally affordable at $59.95/pair. I might even need to get a second pair...

Here are the technical specs, taken from here:

Frame features
* Grilamid TR-90 Open Frame Design (ummmmm, not really sure I know what that means but I like that they have no frame on the bottom because I can actually SEE what's on the ground or what ring my rear cassette is on rather than having that vision blocked by the bottom edge of the frame.)
* Hydrophilic Rubber Adjustable Temples & Nose Piece (this is key and keeps them on your face like nobody's business...I'm telling you, these glasses are not going ANYWHERE.)
* Improved Fit for 2006
* Lifetime Warranty (also an added bonus)

Lens Features:
* Enhanced Visual System [EVS] Polycarbonate Decentered Lens for Optical Clarity (the clarity is quite amazing... I have something like 20/10 vision and get really frustrated when anything messes with it... I totally forget that I have these on they're so clear...)
* Glare Guard™ Glare Reducer to Decrease Eye Fatigue (zero glare. zip, zilch, zero, nada.)
* 100% UVA & UVB Protection
* Ventilated Lens for Increased Airflow & Anti-fog (this is my favorite feature so far)
* Three Lenses Included for Various Light Conditions

A little more about the ventilated lens feature... it's SO COOL.

I rode on a hot, humid day with these and didn't have a single drop of condensation on the inside of my lens. Even more impressive was that I RAN with them on another hot, humid day and even had a ball cap on and they didn't fog up. I don't run with sunglasses at all, ever, because they just get too foggy. The air vents in these aren't just a gimmick...they really work. Super cool.

The other thing I wanted to rave about is the interchangeable lens dealy. My last pair of Smith Sliders, although CLOSE to the optimal fit for me, have a super annoying habit of loosening up to the point that the interchangeable lens will just fall out. This would stress me out so much in T2 that I'd given up on wearing glasses on the bike because I was afraid I'd end up riding with only one lens. Not ideal for eye protection (in either the one lens or NO lens options). The Tifoso Envy frame actuallly has a slot that the edge of the lens clicks into so there's no way it'll fall out or even get jarred loose. Primo.

If you've spent much of your tri life to date looking for the ultimate sunglasses that're also affordable, look no further. These rock. Actually, Tifosi has an entire line of really great options available so take a look!!! Oh, and they're all UNDER $90 US Dollars.

I got my new shades from Jerry at ONETRI.COM. The service was super friendly and quite timely and Jerry went the extra mile to get me hooked up. Head on over there for all your triathlon needs!!!


Blogger Joe said...

Sexy glasses!

1:27 PM GMT-5

Blogger Cliff Tam said...


This is a sweet set of shades... I might pick one up myself. Tired of putting on contacts to go riding..

5:27 AM GMT-5

Blogger Phil said...

Hey Dude! (It's been a while... I have a confession, I've been trying to wein myself off the blogs... but occasionally I fall off the wagon).

So, you're new shades look very nice. I've never had any luck, with shades, but am now inspired by your gear review. My biggest problem is that I have an enormous head, and most glasses look goofy on me. My other problem is that I love riding Aero, and when I'm in position, with most glasses, there ends up being a large gap over top of the frame that I am looking through instead of the lens. How do you find your new shades work in Aero?

Anyhow, have a great race. Don't worry about the water temp - you'll do just fine - and here's hoping for lots of Cow Bell.

Oh.. and another thing... I picked myself up a Cervélo... (I believe you have one too); and finally, I can state unequivocally, YES - it is ALL about the bike!

10:16 AM GMT-5


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