Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bicycle MANIA!!!

Been riding a LOT since my calf pull is on the mend and I don't want to push its recovery by running on it. Friday night I rode for only an hour but it was basically 25 minutes of climbing, 5 minutes of screaming, white knuckled downhill, turn around, 25 more minutes of climbing (up a 13% grade - one of the steepest VT has to offer) and finishing off with 5 more minutes of sheer terror downhill. I hate to admit that I might need to replace my brake pads... I'm just not comfortable going over 40 mph, you know? Heh...

Last night we rode for about 1:40 over 21.2 miles... which averages out to about 12.7 mph. Which is kind of a disappointing speed... until you check out this elevation profile:

I'm finally strong enough that I can keep up a steady cadence during climbs - even with only two chain rings up front.

Progress is SWEET!

Train hard...


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