Friday, June 01, 2007

Flip Step #4 and MOOSEMAN

Step #4 in the progression of the flip turn via the Noodle Method is posted today on GoSwim. We've already done some of the filming for Step #5 and I admit I'm gonna have to practice step #4 for awhile longer before I'm used as the "this is the RIGHT way to do it" film star. Stay tuned!

Heading over to Bristol, NH tomorrow morning bright and squirrelly for my first TRI of the season, the Mooseman International Distance Triathlon. This is my second venture into the land of the true OLY distance and I'm looking forward to it. TOMomma and I (now crowned "TOMboy") will set out at 5 am to meet EN (possibly the future TOMcat), with lots of support behind us from Team Iron Tom and our faithful swimming lane-mate, CAE. I have no time prediction or ambition...just gonna take this one as it comes, work out how the wetsuit operates and see how the nutrition and hydration plans are coming along. I do want to push hard and see how much I have in me. Feeling pretty confident about the swim (except for the 65˚F water) and the run... but the bike is a work in progress. Should be interesting!!!

Full report to come after the race... good luck to anyone else toe-ing the line this weekend and remember to train hard and be safe!!!

Tomboy, OUT!


Blogger Phoenix said...

Have an awesome race - and have fun out there!

12:42 PM GMT-5

Blogger rocketpants said... did it go? Looking forward to a RR. I hope you had a great time.

10:26 PM GMT-5

Blogger Clare said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:29 AM GMT-5

Blogger Clare said...

How was the Mooseman? I finally caught up on your blog again after a while away from reading it.
I still may be in Fairlee soon if I make it to camp. I really want to hang with you this summer.
YOu're amazing, love ya.
The Gorgeous Brit grrl you know!!

9:30 AM GMT-5

Blogger Clare said...

PS. That was me who deleted a message. I screwed it up!!

9:31 AM GMT-5

Blogger Phil said...

20 yard penalty for waiting > 5 days to publish a race report! Dammit. Now I'm going to have look up your results and fill in the blanks.

8:45 AM GMT-5


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