Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Help please...

OK, all you internet gurus. I gotta set up a new high speed internet account at my new digs.

Cable or DSL connection? If you're adamant about one over the other, why?

I won't have a phone land line, just my cell.

And I'm trying to avoid Comcast if possible.

Midtown Atlantians are most welcome to weigh in...



Blogger JC said...

Cable vs DSL, huh? My quick and dirty answer is the more rural you are, the more you want cable, the more urban, the more DSL. But its a little more complicated.

Technically, cable goes faster. Much faster. But the deal with cable is that everyone on a segment pulls from the same line of available data speed. The more people in an area the more that bandwidth gets spread across all those people. its why peoples cable goes slower in the evenings... more people are online.

DSL on the other hand slows down the further you are away from the phone company's "point of presence" or the POP. If you are close to the pop, the signal goes faster because there is less distance to travel in a wire and therefore less friction. Its still operating over those old copper wires from the phone company too, so if its an old building and the copper wiring is kinda old and gross, its going to go even slower... think friction. if the wiring looks decent and you are downtown enough, DSL might be a good bet for you. The phone lines are there and you shouldnt need a phone contract too (although verizon usually smarms their way around that one). but if you are getting cable TV you might get a good deal coupling them together.

Also check to see if verizon's FIOS is there yet. its fiberoptic so its gonna be faster than both cable and dsl.

hope it helps. {geek transmission complete}

8:47 AM GMT-5

Blogger Audrey said...


i've still been lurking. i wanted to say a much belated congrats on mooseman and your more recent long bike ride!

and how exciting about the upcoming move!!

i had verizon DSL cable for two years. it was ALWAYS cutting out. especially when i had projects to e-mail to my boss.

i currently have Comcast cable for internet and it is prety awesome. you said you're trying to avoid comcast...but, that is my two cents!

anyway, yeah for the new adventure!

12:18 PM GMT-5

Blogger Jessica said...

or live right next to school and pick up their internet. like i am doing right now. xo.

12:50 PM GMT-5


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