Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Redneck Tanktop

Think it'll catch on in the tri community? $10 to anyone who tries it out in a race. ;)


Blogger momo said...

ummm, nope, can't do it. not that i wouldn't love to take you up on the bet, but because i think i'm a little to over-endowed for that to work. i might get a black eye. :-)

11:17 AM GMT-5

Blogger Joe said...


2:34 PM GMT-5

Blogger Mary Campbell said...

Um, Holly, didn't you know it is like a trend among us elite athletes to cut out the crotch in men's briefs and wear them as sports bras? Duh...


4:29 PM GMT-5

Blogger Lauren said...

That's so hot. I guess since they're boxer briefs, you could match top to bottom and just run in mens bottoms too? And, can you use the flap as a pocket, to hold ID and stuff?


10:56 AM GMT-5

Blogger Bolder said...

hi Spence, following up with you and everyone on your offer for help!

the blog is up here:


we are working through the name, and a graphic design... have a look!

10:09 AM GMT-5

Blogger Triteacher said...

Oh. My.

9:10 PM GMT-5

Blogger Runner Susan said...

i'll pass, thank you.

7:42 AM GMT-5

Blogger Cliff Tam said...

Funny..something to keep in mind :)

12:06 PM GMT-5

Blogger triguyjt said...

I am with runner susan...no thanks
haha :)

12:49 PM GMT-5

Blogger Buttar Dot Com said...

That is too good.

If you're ever in Florida, check out some of Buttar.com's races. You won't find any redneck stuff like that though :)

-Emily A.

4:24 PM GMT-5


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