Sunday, June 15, 2008

Still Exchanging Air

Well, it's been quite some time since I've left ya'll any news. Since then I've acquired quite a penchant for the word ya'll and I'm suddenly bundling up when the temperature drops below 80˚F. Which is never. Could you midwesterners please share some of that water with us?

So the tri thing seems to be on the back burner for now. I'm not ruling out a sprint sometime in late September but this grad school thing is getting the better of me. I have no FREAKIN' idea how Benny was able to pull it off and still train and race at ironman (not to mention work a full time job too). Insane, I tell you. Hat's off to you Ben...

As for me, I'm lucky if I can get out for a walk. I know it's about priorities but no matter my plan, it seems the best I can hope for is to accept that I'm on a different part of my journey right now and need to focus on that. I did manage to ride my bike a totally flat 20 miles on Friday and my butt is not thanking me. I do miss it all so much. So here's hoping I'll be glad to get back to it when I can.

SO, many of you have asked what I've been up to and many of you have asked to see it all and now you can...if I can manage to post it all. Take a gander over at site #2 (which, by the way is a total pain in the a$$ thru soon as I figure out how, I will likely migrate to another space...and perhaps use my real name so I can, oh, you know, maybe find a JOB. What a novel concept).

Anyway, I'll be over there more often so if you're interested, stop on by! And as always, emails and phone calls are wanted and welcomed!!

Check out the new stuff HERE.


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Good to hear from ya!

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