Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To Keep the Triathlete Moniker

I read somewhere, I think it was in Going Long, that in order to call yourself a triathlete, you have to either race at least once every season or finish an Ironman. Well, Ironman plans still have not been ruled out, but for this summer, I need to get myself on the calendar. I know I said I was taking a break... but as I've been on vacation from school this past two weeks, I've had a re-awakening and I need to find Triathlete Girl again. I think her presence will swing a handful of things back into balance that have been missing since my relocation to the unofficial capitol of the South.

SO, it really is awfully hot in Atlanta and I'm certainly not complaining... I've been catching up on blogs and reading through what Trimama and Tac Boy survived this spring, I'm sure as hell not thinking about moving north again any time soon. That said, I think late September might offer a bit of cooler weather so I'm looking at a sprint on September 20th at Lake Lanier. Of course, there's a good chance there won't be a Lake Lanier by the end of the summer... but here's hoping. It's the Tri2 Remember Triathlon to act against Altzheimer's Disease, a disease I lost my grandmother to a year and a half ago. Cool. Good distance, doable within three months, nearby... should be ok. I just have to figure out how to pay the entry fee on my paltry grad student budget.

And how to get back on my bike.

And out on a run.

And to the pool.

Hmmmm. Looks like there will be some serious time budgeting going on. Come on along for the ride... ;)


Blogger Lauren said...

Hey! I'm catching up on blogs/comments, etc. Nice when the boss takes a vacation day on Fridays!

We should definitely try to ride together sometime. Sarah (PBJ Blog/Chasing Iron) does a loop in Buckhead, maybe the 3 of should get together for that.

Glad to see you're 'back'

7:03 AM GMT-5


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