Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Baby Steps

Ok the slow process of reminding my body what it's like to get up early and go to bed early is underway. I spent a lovely hour this morning walking and jogging and enjoying the quiet sunshine. Yesterday I could only manage getting up at 9... today it was 8. Tomorrow I'm shooting for 7. I know, it sounds pathetic. The reality is, I'm a night owl by nature. I've been operating on 5-6 hours of sleep when I know I need 8 or 9. My body has adjusted to a 2-3 am bedtime and a 9 am wake up...and I usually ask it to get up earlier than 9 and just barely make it to 4 pm when I lie down for an hour and crash. It's insane and I don't feel good. So the plan for now is to get on a 6-7 am wakeup and an 11 pm bedtime with at LEAST a walk in the morning. It's still not always going to be the 8 hours that I need, but I'm hoping that changes in diet and adding some exercise will give me more energy during the day.

I'm working hard too at not beating myself up for having to basically start over. I'm really heavy again and even though my aerobic base is still strong, I'm a far cry from where I was for Timberman. Apparently repeating myself is necessary. It's just the way it is.

So, one more hour up and it's off to bed for me. I miss seeing 5:30 am and a pool full of friendly faces. I may really have to re-think my swim team as it swims only at night. :( Doesn't work for me. Especially with such tragic coaching.

Trying to stay positive!


Blogger Lauren said...

One step at a time!

I'm outta town next week for the USSSA world series, but then I'm back and training for an Oly. We should plan to ride 'somewhere' that week!

7:51 AM GMT-5


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