Sunday, August 10, 2008


Okay, okay, I know I promised I'd post. But just as I was getting some blogging momentum, my neighbor moved and so did my free wireless internet connection. I'm working on getting up and running again but did you know when you order a comcast set up it takes them FOREVER to come do it?? Who knew? Losers.

Anyway, quick update:

First, I've found THE most fun and compatible training partner and she's keeping me totally on track and motivated. Training is fun again!!! Check out her awesome blog here. We've been having a blast biking around town and running afterwards...and we even swam TWO MILES one day!!! My shoulders hurt.

SO, I've been swimming a lot in an outdoor pool which ROCKS and have been riding my bike a ton and running some too. It's all good. Balance is back! Now I just need to get thru this silly design program and find a job and life will resume it's normalcy. One more year...

OK, will at least post more when I get my internet back. Sorry for the lameness!!

Train hard!


Blogger Sarah said...

Hello Hello! It's the mutual admiration society member at large. Hooray for being back to blogging, boo for Comcast's major suckage. Hooray for Caribou!

8:10 PM GMT-5

Blogger Scott said...


Awesome to talk to you on Sunday. I went to Sarah's blog - totally inspiring! Please tell her that her blog won't take any comments -I want to tell her that I think she's awesome! I get blocked at the stage where I have to input the code???

Be well!

6:59 PM GMT-5


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