Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Channelling Positive Anything...

So I got a good look today at what the next three months will include if I am to finish this design program on time...and it didn't leave me with all kinds of happy thoughts. In fact, it didn't leave me with much happy at all. I feel like I've worked my A$$ off for two years...and there still is SO MUCH that I have to do to round out my portfolio. Crap-tastic.

Swimming is all I'm caring about right now. And I gotta get my run on. The heat is deterring me this week. That, and I'm still really dysfunctional around my sleep habits...every time I think I want to go for a run, I wind up taking a nap instead. Hmmmm. Maybe my natural bio-rhythms are stuck in camp mode and my body thinks that for June, July and August, I'm supposed to have rest hour?

Anyway, here's hoping I can channel the swim energy into the rest of my world. Lord knows I'm going to need all the help I can get...

Oh, and as a total non sequitur: did I mention that I have a new obsession? For those of you unlucky folk who are still unacquainted, meet CIA Agent Sydney Bristow:

Think I could take Vaughn down?


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