Tuesday, July 06, 2010

On the Bus

It's day one of training for Marshmallow Man...which means back to counting calories and making sure I'm only putting good things into my body. And when the alarm went off at 6:15, which used to constitute sleeping in for me, I fought with every part of myself to get out of bed...but I did it, I went to swim and swam a strong 3000 yards. It didn't feel all that great but it didn't feel horrible either. My times were way better than I expected and I know they'll only get faster. The goal is 2 lbs. a week from now until Jan 1st... doable. And then base training can resume at a fighting weight of 140. Hold me to it.


Blogger Nick said...

you're back!!! Good for you!!! We were just going through some photos of the good old tri days - I miss being in better shape!

Speak to you soon I HOPE!

3:32 PM GMT-5


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